My Guide to London

  Are you planning a trip to London?

  Maybe I can help.  
London has so much to offer 
and I saw as much as I could while I was there.

Here are links to my reviews
 of various London attractions, restaurants, hotels and annual events.

Enjoy London!

It's one of the greatest cities on earth. 

Restaurants and Hotels


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T  - Z

Annual Events

Miscellaneous London


  1. Looking forward to see you when I'd be there!

    I am an Indian currently trying to relocate to London and on a lookout for a job. I wanted to know how easy it is for Indians to get along and get a job once there. Also I'd seek a suggestion. I am trying to figure whether I should come to London and then find a job or have an employer hire me from India. Again, Thank you for your blog! I am all the more excited about my decision now!

  2. London has been a huge attraction for all travel lovers. That is why still many of the travellers prefer revisiting there. I too have written about london -


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