Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Walk on the Wild Side

On Saturday, we decided to get out and 
explore another world-famous market area in London, 

Camden is the center of artsy, funky, creative, alternative lifestyles in London.
It has a completely different feel from Portobello Market.  
It's very loud and exciting. 

Camden was the home of the late Amy Winehouse and is known for it's live music venues. 


In the 1820's a canal was built in the area with a double-lock system that is still in operation.  

There was a stable and horse hospital along the canal for the horses that pulled the boats up the canal.  

 In the1970's, the area was developed into markets and the tourists began flocking to the markets and shops.  

There are several different markets and you will find just about anything you can imagine. 

I just walked around with the camera in a state of over-stimulation.  There was so much to see.  Several stall owners gave me a hard time for taking pictures of their stalls, but I couldn't resist.  

There are several Hookah Bars where you can have a drink and a smoke.  

There are tons of original items to purchase, not the same old tourist stuff you see everywhere.  

The food booths are plentiful and varied.  The food was so good!  
I loved the motorcycle seating in this area. 

Hmm.  Wonder what these are for?

We were walking along and found a huge spiral staircase.  It was covered in these wood carvings.  It looked like it was all hand done and it was amazing.  

We walked a little bit farther and found an obscure black glass door.  
My G&T radar went off so I suggested we enter.  
It was just an escalator down and Matt wasn't too sure, but I twisted his arm.  
I'm so glad we did!  

We found a restaurant called Shaka Zhulu!  
It is a 27,000 sq. ft., two-story South African restaurant, bar and club in the middle of Camden Market.  
It is spectacular and would give most Vegas venues a run for their money.    
These 20 ft. high warriors greet you.  
The menu contains exotic meats likes zebra, ostrich, buffalo, crocodile and springbok.  
This is at the top of our list of fun places to take out of town visitors. 

 London continues to surprise and amaze me.  You just never know what you will find. 



  1. Camden was definitely my 'haunt' in my teen years, how we loved going shopping there! and I surprised myself by going back last summer and still loving what it sells (despite no longer buying metal studded belts and punk clothes!!) and isn't Shaka Zulu amazing! My South African husband and I ate their on our wedding anniversary last year and the food was so delicious! but the interior is so amazingly ornate isn't it!

  2. I love Camden! My uncle used to live right near there in the 70s and 80s and I have fond memories of running up and down the paths next to the locke. Like Gem, I also loved the market and all the awesome clothes.


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