Monday, March 5, 2012

Say "Cheese!"

Okay, once again, I'm being a lazy blogger and not using my words. Bad blogger!  

But, tomorrow I will post my Two-Month Well-Expat Checkup.  And later this week, I have some more wordy blogs planned.  I promise! 

Today's Instagram Photo A Day theme was "smile."  Today was also Monday and we have declared Museum Mondays until we've had our fill of London museums.  They all are wonderful and not to mention... free!  Today we visited the Natural History Museum.  What better place to try and find some "smile" pics?  They have more teeth than a denture factory. 

Here are some pics from my iphone starting with my submission for "smile."


p.s.  For you Londoners, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit is currently there.  It is spectacular!  The last day is the 11th of March and there is a fee for the exhibit.  If you haven't yet visited, I would highly recommend it. 



  1. If I would have known you were at the NHM today, I would have popped out to say hello since I can see it from my office! Hope you had fun.

    1. We might be over there next Monday. I will let you know!! What a great area. The NHM building is gorgeous!

  2. Hey Selena, Great pics. What kind of camera do you have? I need a new one.

    Cindy Bee


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