Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Spy Friday

And just like that, another week has flown by.

Sorry I'm late with the Friday post again. 
My favorite movie ever Sense & Sensibility was on last night. 
So, I was under the woobie having a good cry while my stoic Englishman rolled his eyes.
Sometimes you just need a good chick flick.

Guess what?  I did my very first guest blog post this week!

I've told you about one of my favorite expat bloggers Beantown Prepster
She was lucky enough to spend the week in Berlin, so I was lucky enough to be one of her guest bloggers.
The theme was travel and you can read it here.

  I've also done some more traveling about London on the Tube.
Check out these escalators, they go on forever.

In search of a notary (yay, CPA), we headed to Heddon Street which is famous for this album cover.

Now it's much better lit and a  pedestrian street with cafes and lawyers.

On Thursday, I went to Borough for a blind lunch date.
 Emm in London is a successful writer and blogger from South Africa.
We grabbed lunch at the market and sat in the church courtyard for a nice chat.

As much as I love the Englishman, it was so nice to talk to a new face.
She is terrific and we had a great time.  

She pointed out some of the highlights of Borough for me.   
It's south of the river and I can't wait to go explore further. 

On a side street, we passed by the Cross Bones Graveyard.

 A memorial shrine has sprung up for the ladies of the night and paupers buried there. 

 It's a special little place.  

I also spotted another Beau Brummel at the market. 

He's quite dapper, isn't he?

And did you know that this is how the wheels on the bus go?

I've had that stupid phrase stuck in my head for a week so I decided to share the suffering.  

 Found 'em!

It's been unseasonably warm and sunny for the last week. 
And did you know that at the first sign of warm weather, the sun-starved English run outside and strip off their clothes to soak it all up? 

 No really, they do.  See.
This was at the Kensington Gardens.  I wonder if he is a Royal?
(Actually, he's probably American.)

 Unfortunately, they are threatening snow for Easter weekend and everyone will be all bundled up again. 
Er, maybe that's a good thing.

And I saw these yesterday.

  They made me long for Texas Bluebonnets and home.


P.S.  I've completed week 2 of Couch to 5K without incident.  So far so good.  

Here are the Photo a Day shots for this week.  Not sure about the prompts this week.  Should I continue and play along for April?






  1. Hi! Popping in from the Busy Nothings Photography Club. Your dirty trick worked. I will now be singing "The Wheels on the bus..." in that manner now. And believe me, I have a 3 yr old so I hear it at least 3 or 4 times a week. :-)

  2. I can't believe that guy stripped down at the park!

  3. The Wheels on the Bus go Nom, Nom, Nom? Is that odd or what? Hasn't the weather the last 2 weeks been grand? I just got back to Houston last night and it's warm and humid here. Oh well, maybe we left London at just the right time since cooler weather is on tap for you this week. I'm enjoying your posts--maybe we can hook up someday!


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