Friday, October 30, 2015

Easter Markets of Prague

Last December we were scheduled to visit the Christmas Markets in Budapest.  However, a hospital stay meant that we had to cancel.  When I heard about the Easter markets in Prague, I knew we had to go.  I'm a bit embarrassed to be posting about Easter Markets when everyone is getting geared up for the Christmas Markets.  But, maybe you'll add it to your travel plans for next year.  Because the Easter Markets in Prague are delightful.

Easter Markets of Prague, Czech Republic

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Eating Prague Food Tour

One of my top London experiences was the Eating London Food Tour which I took a few years ago.  What a great way to experience a city... through your stomach.  I knew that this same group also has an Eating Prague Food Tour.   It was at the top of our list for our city break in Prague.  It didn't disappoint.  

Eating Prague Food Tour

Monday, October 26, 2015

Prague City Break

You may not believe this, but I have a blogging calendar.  I use a notebook calendar and post it notes.  A pending post goes on a post it note (I currently have 36 of them) and once it gets published, I write it in the calendar. I have this plan delusion that I'm going to post three times a week so every time I sit down to blog, I have to go through the process of moving the 36 post it notes further along in the calendar in sets of three.  When was the last time I posted three times in one week?  No idea.  Since I started working full-time, I often don't post three times in a month.  But I am still a blogger and I'm determined to continue.  In fact, I'm going to sit down right now and write three posts to publish this week.  No really.  I am.  I also have the perfect location to write about this week... Prague. 

Prague City Break

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Leicester House in London

There's this particular London PR firm that occasionally invites me to a blogger's table to review a restaurant.  I never say no to their invites because I know I'm going to be treated to a wonderful meal and great company.  They introduced me to both Gaylord London and Le Garrick.  They've also helped this picky eater get completely out of my comfort zone and try some wonderful dishes that I've always been afraid to try.  My most recent invite was to try some French Vietnamese cuisine at Leicester House. 

Leicester House in London Restaurant Review