Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cheers, Madame! The Perfect Day

It's week two in the new series Cheers, Madame! with me and Amy from Créatrice Mondial.
We are spending the month comparing two of the most amazing cities in the world.

London and Paris

Everyone seems to have a favorite, even if they haven't yet visited.
We are thrilled with your response to the series and are having fun with a little friendly rivalry.

Be sure to join us on twitter today to support your favorite.
at 12 Noon EST/5pm GMT
We have some fun questions for you to answer.

Are you Team London or Team Paris?

On our blogs today we're going to share the perfect day in our chosen city.
Pop over to Amy's blog to see how she would spend her perfect day in Paris.
I'm going to talk about my perfect day in London.

First off, the perfect day in London would have to be at least 72 hours long.
There is so very much that I would want to squeeze into that day.

  My perfect day in London would start at "our bridge".  That's what we lovingly call the Tower Bridge.
It's such an iconic site and my heart swells every time I see it.
It's my favorite spot in London.

 So, we would have to start south of the river and east of Tower Bridge
in an area call Shad Thames and Butler's Wharf.  It's lovely, historical area that not too many tourists know about.  There are few little cafes where we can find a quick and light breakfast.
Many Brits would recommend a Full English Breakfast, but I prefer to save my calories for later in the day.

After stopping to take a dozen more photos of "our bridge", we head east along the southern bank of the Thames.  This was our favorite thing to do on a Sunday when we lived in Jacob's Island.  We would walk all the way to Westminster Bridge.  There are so many amazing things to enjoy along the way.  I've written about it several times before (here and here).

But here is a list of just some of the things that you will experience taking this route.

City Hall, More London Place, Hays Galleria, HMS Belfast
London Bridge, Borough Market, Southwark Cathedral
Shakespeare's Globe, lots of Pubs
The Millennium Bridge, views of St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tate Modern
Restaurants, street performers, South Bank Book Market
British Film Institute, National Theatre
tons of restaurants, markets and festivals
The London Eye, fabulous views of Big Ben and Parliament

 It's the perfect way to spend most of the day and there are some great options for lunch.
But as the sun is starting to set, let's hop into a black cab.
You can't visit London and not ride in one of these iconic taxis.
If you're lucky, your driver will be a storyteller and will entertain you along the way.

As far as I'm concerned, the perfect evening in London involves dinner and the theatre.
I've tried and tried to come up with one amazing restaurant to recommend.
But, I can't come up with just one favorite.  London is full of incredible food options.
Just find one close to your venue and enjoy the pre-theatre menu.

The live theatre in London is some of the best in the world.
You can select a musical, Comedy or drama, so many choices.
There is just something about live theatre that is magical.
And the historical theatres in London are all just beautiful.
Prepare to be completely transported.

 After the theatre, we would stop into our local pub for a nightcap
before ending our perfect day.

I can think of many other perfect days in London.
 You can read about how we've been spending our time in London on our
London Attraction Guide.  We are adding to it each week.

Cheers, Madame!

I absolutely love exploring this city.
It always inspires, excites and surprises me.
I never knew what it meant before to really love a city.
But, now I absolutely do know.
I love London.

Next Tuesday, it's your turn!
Prepare a post about your favorite of the two.
Which one has stolen your heart?  Which one do you dream of visiting someday?
Attach either the Paris badge or the London badge that you will find on our sidebars.
Then add your post to our joint linkup.  We can't wait to read what you have to say.
 Cheers, Madame!

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  1. Love this list - and you're right, how do you pick just one?

  2. Waaa you're making my want to move even more! I still have yet to go to a play or musical in London, been to loads in NYC but none yet in my time in England. We really want to see Matilda before it's gone!

  3. This sounds like the perfect day! I want to go to London so badly!

  4. I have always wanted to visit London...it just seems so magical. A city I could truly fall in love with!

  5. I agree with this walk! When my sister and brother-in-law arrived for a visit, we did pretty much most of this! We found a very British pub, Anchor Tap, in Shad Thames and Butler's Wharf. It's what seems like an old house with a small courtyard outback. It's kinda dark and gloomy inside, but what's more British than that? I also would suggest, if time is going well, walking across Blackfriars Bridge and stopping in The Blackfriar pub - it's one of my faves :) But if I say that, then I'd say walk across the Millenium Bridge to see St Paul's and walk across the jubilee bridges to see Trafalgar Square and while you're at it just walk to Buckingham Palace! Yes, this could go on for days!!!

  6. You know, last time I went to Paris I did really like it, but ultimately I think I like London better!


  7. There are some fantastic spots down at Butler's Wharf. G used to work in that area and I loved meeting him on a Friday night for a drink & dinner out on the town.

  8. Oh I love that walk along the Thames! There's just so much to see and drink - or do, as the case may be :) My favorite place in London is Regent's Park. It seems to have the most laid back atmosphere of the larger public parks and if you're lucky you can spend a lovely summer twilight at the outdoor theater.

  9. I've only been to Regent's Park once to see a Jane Austen production at the Open Air Theatre and it was absolutely magical! I meant to get over there again with my camera before it turned cold, but never made it. It's on my list for the Spring definitely. 

  10. I was really ready to get out of central London to a quieter area. And now it's too quiet! I miss living near Butler's Wharf. We should plan a date night and head over there one night with the guys. 

  11. London has my heart. Although living in Paris might completely change that. I've only spent a few weekends. I think it's different when you're able to spend an extended period of time somewhere. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!

  12. I like the way you think! See it all. So much to do in London. I love that Thames River, don't you?

  13. I'm sure that you will visit London someday. You're going to love it!

  14. You will get here someday and you will love it. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy and explore. So much to see and do. 

  15. I'm embarrassed to say that I've never been to New York. Can you believe that? I can't wait to go! I went with Jessica to see Matilda and it was just lovely! 

  16. Spoilt Rotten!! Have a wonderful time in Paris :D

  17. Hmm, I guess what I like about London is that it has multiple personalities. Paris can be magical, but it's not so diverse from neighborhood to neighborhood as London is, and I feel like you can't feel the history as strongly - I don't know if that makes any sense. But let me know if your feelings change, I usually drop by your blog every so often. But I didn't realize you were going to be living in Paris!

  18. Oh, no. I'm not moving to Paris, as much as I'd love that. I just meant that you really don't know a place until you live there. I love your point about London being so diverse. That's very true!

  19. This post made my heart swell with pride because I live in London and it is such an amazing place to live in. So many things to do and see. I love it! :D


  20. Oh haha good to know. But yeah, I spent a summer in London and my overall impression is that it's more a series of small villages squished together than one big city... except for maybe the parts with all the skyscrapers.

  21. Oh the Tower Bridge! I so want to see that in person. Lovely day and I do think I'd have to choose London!

  22. Good idea! Let's organise something ASAP before all the Christmas parties start.

  23. London is one of my dream destinations . I am obsessed and passionate about traveling , but unfortunately I haven't traveled anywhere out of India and that too out of my own city . But I've still got a long way to go and I know one day I'll make it . Thank you for such an amazing blog post . Loved it !

  24. You absolutely will make it someday! And I dream of visiting India someday. I've heard that it's a beautiful place and I can't wait to visit. Thank you so much for reading and commenting :D

  25. It just never gets old. Every time I see it is just like the first time. Yay, Team London!

  26. Ah! You should be proud. I just love London. Glad you like the post and thanks so much for reading and commenting. I've got your blog bookmarked so I can take a look. 

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