Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cheers, Madame! Special Memories

It's now week three of Cheers, Madame!, a new month-long series with me and Amy from Créatrice Mondial
We're paying tribute to two amazing cities that have captured our hearts.

So far, Amy has been writing about Paris.  I've been writing about London.

Today we're going to mix it up a bit and reverse that.
I'm definitely Team London.  I love this city.
But, Paris also has a very special place in my heart.

Each time I've been to Paris, I was with the most important people in my life.
And that means I have some very special memories of Paris.

 Why Paris is my City of Love.

My first visit to Paris was in 1983 at the age of 16.  I visited with my younger brother and my dad.  I have the worst memory in the world, but luckily there is a scrapbook back in storage in Texas that tells the story.  I wish I had it with me.  I love the photos of Philip and me exploring Paris together as teenagers.

A few moments stand out for me.  One of them still makes me the butt of family jokes.  See, I like my cheeseburgers with pickles only and I might be a bit stubborn.  This proved quite a challenge when we visited a Burger King in Paris.  I can still picture my dad trying to act out "pickles only" in charades before just losing it his cool and throwing a tray of french fries down in front of me.  I also remember riding the metro and it not being nearly as glamorous as I expected.  I'd been listening to that Berlin song "Riding on the Metro" for weeks up until our trip and insisted that we all take the metro even though is was 100 degrees down there.  Uhm.  It was not the same but don't you love this video?

My favorite memory from that trip was getting my picture drawn in Montmartre.  I felt so worldly and fancy.  And grown up.  Montmartre is still my favorite spot in Paris.  I remember walking up that hill at the age of sixteen.  Every time I walk up that hill now, I'm that young eighties baby again with a mall perm and a stubborn streak.

My second trip to Paris was with my Englishman, Matthew.  It was actually a really rough time.  We had just arrived from the US to the UK for our big move.  Two days later, Matt and I headed to Paris.  It was a great idea in theory, but probably not the best timing.  I was a hot mess with everything that was going on.  Not to mention still jet lagged.  It was my first trip back to Paris in twenty years.  We arrived at the train station, pushed through the crowds and dragged our luggage through the tunnels of the metro.  We climbed the stairs and I vividly remember stepping out on to that bright sidewalk.  I was in Paris again.  Everyone was rushing by.  Tourists were taking pictures to try to capture the magic. That's when it really hit me.  This was the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in my life with this wonderful man.  


My next trip was with my mom, Linda and her husband, Bob.  They travel all of the time, but my mom had never been to Paris.  We arrived at night on the Eurostar and took the metro to our hotel.  After a bit of time to refresh, we went out in search of dinner just after sunset.  I will never forget as long as I live, watching my momma see the Eiffel Tower for the very first time.  We were strolling along chattering and I said "Mom, look over there" and pointed to the Eiffel Tower all sparkling at the end of the park.  She gasped and a huge smile lit up her face brighter than that tower.  It was such a special moment.

And just a few months ago, I returned to Paris with my sweet daughter, Jessica.  We were both a bit nervous traveling without the security of Matthew and we didn't have great weather.  But, it was the experience of a lifetime to be there with her.  I took her to my favorite restaurant but the line was so long.  We were about ready to just give up and go back to the hotel, when the hostess came up and asked if it was just us two.  Yes!  We were seated immediately.  On my 47th birthday, I celebrated in Paris with my favorite meal seated across from my beautiful grown up daughter, toasting with champagne.  Best birthday ever!   

So while I declare my love of London,
I've experienced so much love in Paris
that it will always have a very special place in my heart.

City of Love is the perfect name for Paris.

Now check out Amy's special memories of London.

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  1. Have fun today with your twitter live chat! I'm loving this series :)

  2. What a lovely post, and your Jessica is beautiful. You've made me think about going to Paris now, I haven't been there for a while.

  3. So nice reading about Paris on 2 different blogs today... I really enjoyed that.
    I love seeing pictures that you post...
    I only recently started following Amy... I am sure I will love her blog!
    Much love to you,

  4. I love this link up, such armchair travel fun!

  5. So glad you're joining in on the fun, Emma!!

  6. You'll love Amy's blog. She has such a good eye and I love her writing. 

  7. Thanks, Gretta. She's my Sugar Bear. There's always time for a quick trip to Paris!. 

  8. Thanks, Erin! We need to get together soon!


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