Wednesday, November 13, 2013

World Toilet Day

Potties are not a new topic on this blog. 

So when I was encouraged to write a post about my funniest or most disgusting bathroom story,
for a very good cause, how could I say no?

Bloggers often get accused of only putting the pretty stuff out there.
Not really sharing the not so pretty stuff.
But, today I'm going to share with you my most embarrassing and disgusting potty story.

Earlier this year we were traveling in Morocco via train.
On this particularly hot day midway in our trip
we were on a very stuffy and crowded train when nature called.


I gingerly made my way to the toilet in the back of the car
stepping over entire families and bags sprawled out in the aisles.

I got into the loo just in time and just as we were pulling into a train station.
I latched the door and quickly turned to do my business
hovering over the toilet seat, as you do.
 Luckily, I had remembered to bring some toilet paper with me
so things were going okay. 

With the train still stopped in the station, I turned around to flush the toilet.
As the top valve opened I saw pebbles and daylight.
That's when I realized that the valve in the bottom of the toilet basin was gone.
I was looking straight down onto the railroad track.

I'd basically just gone on the railroad track right in front of a crowded train station.

I'll never forget the faces of those traumatized people standing frozen in horror
as we pulled out of the station.

I can't believe I just told you that story.

And now I have three potty posts on my blog. 
 (That should help with my Google rankings.)

Water Aid 
Did you know?

Every 40 seconds a child dies from water-related diseases!

40% of the world's population don't have access to a toilet!

2.7 million people die a year from lack of sanitation!


I am part of the #Blog4Sanitation movement
setup by Splashdirect 
to raise awareness of the importance of global sanitation.

 Splash Direct is donating £2 to Water Aid for each entry in this Blog4Sanitiation Competition.
And £2 means one whole month of fresh water for someone in need.
Please somebody share a more embarrassing story than this one,
so I won't feel so alone.
Your deadline is Monday the 18th.


  1. Oh, you want a more embarrassing potty story than that? I've got one for you, sister! Not surprisingly, it happened in India. It was my second of three embarrassing potty moments I had there. For your reading pleasure:

  2. See, I'm not giggling at you but with you. :D I feel much better now. Thank you for sharing ;)

  3. We still laugh about it now, too. Modesty and self-respect both go out the window when you've spent two weeks in India. ;o)

  4. On two separate occasions I have been accidentally locked in public restrooms and had to yell and holler to be let out so I am very very careful now of where and when I go to the bathroom!

  5. A good cause to share a toilet story! I'm going to have a think now and see what horrors I have locked away in my memory ... !

  6. Please join me in the embarrassment!!! Surely you have something. 

  7. Yikes!! That actually sounds pretty traumatic at such a young age. Poor thing. 

  8. There is nothing like keeping it real :) I've been ok for the bathroom most of the time as when we travel we try and plan bathroom breaks with military tactics. So far.

  9. You should write a post about those military tactics. Could be very helpful. 


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