Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bring on the New Year!

I've never been one to wrap up a year in a little box and label it before I put it away.  I'll do a quick recap as any a blogger must but I don't look back on my life by years.  My past is catalogued by events and memories, the years just seem to run together.  But for 2015, I have the strong urge to put parenthesis around it, take a good, hard look at it and give it a firm send off. 

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Berlin Christmas Markets 2015

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope that you had a wonderful one!  Apologies for the past few weeks of silence on the blog.  It's been one helluva year and as it came to an end, we were both just not really feeling like going all out.  We didn't even put up a tree or decorate at all.  Not in a Bah Humbug way but just in a quiet, restful way.  We had a very relaxed Christmas which is just what we needed. 

Berlin Germany Christmas Markets