Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lunch at Ritorno Chelsea

Guess what?  I've been editing photos!!!  It's been ages.  I was starting to think the blog had run its course and fallen by the wayside.  But change is in the air.  The lead up to the 1 year anniversary to the day the gauntlet fell on my marriage sucked!  So bad.  It stirred up so much shit for me.  But then, lots of self-love (cliche? yes. necessary? definitely), reflection and wrestling with the past.  I also took a really good look at where I am a year later and determined where I needed to make some changes as I move forward.  I feel like I've made it past a very important milestone.  I feel lighter and less foggy.  I feel excited about the future, more in control of my life again.  I've also felt editing photos and maybe even blogging some.   These photos have been sitting in draft form for a year now.  Last year, lovely Fiona from London Unattached invited me to Ritorno in Chelsea to sample their Chelsea Flower Show cocktail and have lunch.  Here are some of the pics I took that day.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Highgate Cemetery London

Wasn't the Royal Wedding beautiful?  After watching it last week, I've been aching for London.  I miss that city so much.  It's definitely time to plan a trip back.  I miss the food, the architecture, the history, the pubs, the museums, the Thames... so much to miss.  Today I'm posting some photos from a visit to Highgate Cemetery that Gina (who I miss so much) and I explored one day.  It's a beautiful and tranquil spot.  I'm glad that I got to check it off my list before I left.