Friday, November 29, 2013

Let the games begin!

Right.  Now that Thanksgiving is over we can talk about Christmas!
That's the rule in America.  No Christmas before Thanksgiving.
 I'm afraid that I've been breaking that rule for a week or so now.

On Monday, I attended a special BritMums Christmas Party sponsored by Morrison's.
I walked in to find three long tables loaded down with Christmas treats just for us.
It was quite a spread.  After all of the bloggers circled the tables taking photographs,
it was time to sample.  Everything was really yummy and they have some really cute cakes.

Neil Nugent, their Executive Chief of Product Development was there sharing cooking tips.
He told us how to cook the perfect Turkey.  In the UK, Turkeys are the centerpiece of Christmas Dinner.
I just pretended that he was talking about Thanksgiving Turkeys instead.
There are rules, you know.

Afterwards, I took a walk around Oxford Street to take some photos of all of the Christmas Decorations.
London is beautiful at Christmas.

This weekend the Gluhwien Gang rides again!
They've been going for a few years now and we joined them for the first time last year.
Last year we went to Germany. 

This year, a group of ten of us are spending the weekend visiting the
Christmas Markets in Vienna and Bratislava.

The Christmas Markets are pretty much Christmas squared.
I'm so excited! Follow along on Twitter and Instagram!

Where is your favorite Christmas Market?


  1. So, how does one cook a perfect turkey? I can't manage to do it just yet so we have chicken or ham instead.

  2. Maybe living abroad has changed my views, but I'm all about celebrating the holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas combined! So what if I put Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving (although I didn't this year, I have in the past)! I STILL celebrate Thanksgiving! It will never be bypassed by Christmas by me!! Let's just celebrate it all for 2 whole months, why not?!?!?!
    How fun to visit some markets in Vienna and Bratislava!!! We loved going to the Christmas markets while living in Vienna. I love the one at the Rathaus and Schonbrunn Palace! Enjoy!

  3. Yay! I'm all for it. Can't wait to hit the markets- Cologne is on our list for sure. Now if we can just get past this Sinterklaas business here in the NL...

  4. I am excited for you to get out on a little trip I am sure it will be a great mood booster and also make all the rest of us jealous!

  5. I'm so jealous, I love the Christmas markets so much! Vienna's is awesome!

  6. I agree with not celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. I am pretty sure that I am so firm in this because of what I had to endure during my first ever job (for two years during the summer and winter I worked as an "elf" at a North Pole themed amusement park - complete with costume and listening to xmas music in the summers).

  7. He said to put butter under the skin and to never use a ten foil tent. Cook it low & slow. My favorite is ham anyway. I've only made one or two turkeys in my lifetime. xoxo

  8. I think you are onto something! Rules, Schmules! And two months of celebrating sounds awesome. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. The Christmas Markets were great fun! I hope to see you soon. xoxo

  9. Vienna is gorgeous and the markets were lovely. But after going to Germany last year, I think they have the corner on Christmas!

  10. It was great fun! How can you be bummed when surrounded by friends and gluhwein!?!

  11. Vienna is just gorgeous! That's the first time I've been and I want to go back. Such an elegant city.

  12. The robins remind me of my Grandma and Mom. We have a special thing with red birds, so I was excited to see them. We might have to try Budapest next year. I've never been there and Matt loves it.

  13. Yikes! You must still have flashbacks from that job! Two years??


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