Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cologne Christmas Markets and a Milestone

Happy Birthday!!!  Today my blog is one year old. 
I can't believe it's been a year already, and what an amazing year.  
I look back over the 150 post and I can't believe everything that I've experienced.
From those first posts about saying goodbye, the posts about waiting,
and now feeling so much more settled.  

We moved here in January 2012 which means it's almost time for my
One Year Well-Expat Check up.
I have quite a bit of reflecting to do about this year.

I don't say it enough, but thank you so much for those of you who take the time
to read and comment on my little corner of the internet.
You've made me laugh, cry, and let me know I'm not alone in this journey. 
I'm so thankful for the connections I've made and maintained through this blog.  
Thanks for the warm fuzzies!!

My brother also celebrated a birthday this week!  Happy Birthday, Bubba!!
I miss you like crazy and can't for you to come visit.
Soon, please!!!


P.S.  Here are the photos from the Cologne Christmas Markets.  Such a fantastic weekend.  Christmas Markets will now be an annual tradition.  My new goal in life is to make sure that I get to experience them with Sugar Bear.  She is gonna LOVE it!!!



Check out that chocolate camera!!

 I think we should all go in costume next year.

 Artwork on the ceiling of the restaurant where we had dinner in cologne.

Where is your favorite Christmas Market??

Warning... Shameless plea ahead.

If you want to wish my blog a Happy Birthday, 
visit Expat Blogs, scroll to the bottom and leave a comment. 
They will be announcing the Expat Blog awards for England in a few days.
Can you believe I've sent TE this link a half a dozen times and he still hasn't left a comment?


  1. Happy bloggy birthday Selena! Here's to many more years of blogging happiness!

    Your photos are gorgeous! I love Germany and Cologne is definitely high on the list of places I want to visit one day!!!

  2. Happy bloggy Birthday! What a milestone! Hubby and I have made a date to hit the Christmas markets of Europe the first year we are retired. We are both teachers and traveling in December before retirement is pretty near impossible. So we are scheduled for Christmas 2030!!! I guess I'll just have to enjoy pics like yours until then!!

  3. happy blog birthday!! so glad i "met" a fellow American expat in England!! :)

  4. Happy Bloggiversary!! You are truly one of my favorite bloggers and I'm so glad we crossed paths! :)

  5. Happy One Year Bloggaversairy Selena! Absolutely loved your photos...brought back so many warm memories of my time living in Germany.

  6. I'm very late in the well wishes...but I do wish you a very happy bloggy birthday indeed! I love your photos and your writing! Keep it up!

  7. I can't believe it's been a year, Selena! Happy blog birthday! x


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