Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Winter Walk

Today is Boxing Day and we are still in full-on sprawl around the living room, watch TV, eat tons of food, and keep a cocktail in your hand mode. 

The sky is a clear blue and the sun is out, so I think a walk is in our future.  

In the mean time, here are some pictures from a walk we took last week. 
We crossed over tower bridge to see the ice skaters at The Tower of London.
We then popped into a pub for some pie and mash.
My favorite days in London are when we get out and explore. 

Our first stop was a little Christmas Market at The Scoop for some mulled wine.

Tourist posing, pigeons cooing and in the background a 1,000 year old tower.  

We then crossed over my favorite landmark in London, the Tower Bridge.  

"Where's Waldo?!? "

Okay, let's just stop here for a moment.  The picture above has to be one of my favorite photos. 
 This random guy in red and white stripes was just walking along the bridge. 
I wanted to follow him all over London taking pictures. 

By the way, in the UK it's "Where's Wally?"  I prefer Waldo, don't you?

On the other side of the Thames is the Tower of London.

It's a must-see if you are visiting London.  
We visited on my first trip here and it's on my list for a return visit soon.

 Apparently, lions were kept in the Royal Menagerie at the tower.

They've set up an ice skating rink in the tower moat.
We decided that just watching was a much safer option than actually participating.

The Shard is almost ready to open and is now an ever-present part of the London landscape.

It was now time for a quick pub stop.  With a name like that, how can you pass it up?

I'm starting a new blog trend here. 
Instead of perfectly lit and edited pictures of wonderful food, 
I'm just going to post the aftermath of some really great grub.
These are the remains of a chicken and chorizo pie with mash.
It was go-oood!

This church is All Hallows-by-the-Tower is the oldest church in London, founded in 675.
I returned a few days later for a candlelight Christmas service.  It is beautiful inside.

Next to the church you will find one of the cast iron dragon boundary markers for the City of London.

With the sun starting to set we walked back around the Tower.
I never even noticed this iron archer up on the tower until I looked at my pictures. 

I think the best views of The Shard are from Tower Bridge. 

Thanks for taking a walk with me!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Boxing Day!
I'm off to find some peanut butter fudge for Breakfast.

What did you get for Christmas??



  1. Love the pics of Tower Bridge; it reminds me of my very first time visiting London! And I never get sick of being a tourist there!

  2. I like your plan to post aftermath grub pictures!
    Hope you'll agree that Boxing Day in England is much more fun than the straight-back-to-work approach favored in the US :)

  3. MMMmmm Pie and Mash!
    Also, I've never seen a market up near Tower Bridge, how cool you got to see that! My most favorite place in the World... Tower Bridge.

  4. So what exactly is Boxing Day and what is the tradition surrounding it? Loved the photos as always! Would love to come to London for a visit with you and a cup of tea!!

  5. Great photos at dusk! I miss London!


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