Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lovely Day

Yesterday was one of the nicest days I've had in London. 
Under sunny blue skies with the temperature a crisp 60 degrees (15c),
we walked along the South Bank of the Thames from Westminster Bridge to home just past Tower Bridge.  
 We were traveling light so the only pictures I have are from my iPhone.


We started at Westminster Bridge before noon and headed East past the London Aquarium and the London Eye. 

This is one of my favorite views of London. 

Someday I'm going to get up the nerve to ride this thing.
It would be a shame to live in London and never see the views from up there.  
This area was full of tourists, but the crowds thinned out nicely as we continued on.  

There was a food market this weekend that added to the sights and smells. 
We popped in to Giraffe for a burger and sweet potato fries. 
Do you know how excited I was to have a burger with American cheese and dill pickles!?!
It's harder than you think to find that over here.  

Tables and tables of books!  What a terrific site at the South Bank Book Market under Waterloo Bridge.

There are buskers and entertainers all along the way.  Some very talented, some just silly.  

Gabriel's Wharf was a nice surprise of quirky little shops and wooden rocking animals.

We just took our time stopping along the way at shops and pubs... wherever took our fancy.  

I love how people just plop down in the sun in these grassy areas to share a bottle of wine and a snack.  

Outside of the Tate Modern we caught a concert that was part of the Bankside Merge Festival that's running through October 21st.  (Thanks, Emm, for the scoop.)

Ballpoint pen art outside of the Tate Modern.

The Millennium Bridge which I wrote about previously here

This is the replica of Shakespeare's Globe.  I'm dying to get back there to see a performance.  

We popped into the Anchor for some refreshment.  The pub was originally built in 1615 and it's rumored that Shakespeare visited.  It's pretty touristy but still a great place to stop. 

This busker had a group of young Londoners helping him out as back up singers and dancers. 
Everyone was in such a good mood and enjoying the gorgeous Fall (Autumn) weather. 

Just past The Clink, we visited Laithwaites Wine Shop. 

"This stone is a remnant of the London Bridge designed by Sir John Rennie.  The bridge spanned the river from 1831 to 1967.  It was sold to Robert P. McCulloch an American entrepreneur and today can be found in Arizona, USA."

Southwark Cathedral is the oldest cathedral church in London and is where Shakespeare worshiped.  I haven't visited the cathedral yet, but it's on my list.  We did visit the gift shop and they also have a tea room.  

The next section of our route was London Bridge to Tower Bridge which I wrote about here

We arrived home about 7 hours later as the sun started to set and the moon was in view.
It was the perfect London day.   I am so in love with this city. 

Any suggestions for our next day of London exploration?



  1. What a perfect post for a perfect London day! Our paths may have criss-crossed once or twice as we caught a clipper to Westminster and went on to Baker Street.

  2. no question - that is my favorite walk in London! and Jon loves spending a whole day wandering the city, so we should team up when I come back :)

    1. Betsy, I would love that!! You just name the date and we will be there. You'll be back before you know it.

  3. One of my favorite walks to take and do with visiting guests. It defines London so well.

    1. I loved it, Mela. I think I must have said "I love this city" at least 20 times along the way.

  4. Wow! Looks wonderful and picturesque. I'll keep the route in mind for when we go for a visit :)

    1. You will love it! Let me know when you are here and we'll meet up!!

  5. The London Eye views were my favorite of London - great shots! You have to go! Your post was fabulous! Brought back some great memories and as usual, so jealous! :)

  6. I know, Katie. I just have to figure out how to do it. My fear of heights kicks in when I even think about it! Maybe a gin & tonic... or two. Thanks for reading and commenting!!!!!

  7. What gorgeous photos! I have done this exact walk and have some of the same photos on my blog, I'm so envious that you had such a spectacular weekend!!! Beautiful photos! Isn't that put divine? I love that old smell, that "England" smell, of ancient times. I'm so glad I dropped by your blog today as you have put a smile on my face. I am going to be over in December and frankly I'm already counting down the days, I miss my partner so much but I miss my London too! Much love, Tammy

  8. Look at those bluebird skies! It sounds like such a great day! And you must go on the London Eye, even if you need a drink or two before hand. It moves very slowly when you are on it, not sure if that makes it any better or not.

    Also, looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at the tea! :) x

  9. Wow. It was clearly a gorgeous day. Thank you so much for sharing that!!

  10. Great post! Makes me long for a lazy Sunday on the South Bank!
    So good to meet up with you yesterday Selena. Wasn't Sketch amazing?
    lOVE Sarah -x-


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