Friday, September 21, 2012

I Spy Friday

TE is so expressive, isn't he?

And guess who we ran into the other day?


Yep, it's Boris.  You can't miss that shock of blonde hair.
 Boris Johnson is the Mayor of London and quite a colorful character.  

Looks like that's all I've got this Friday.
Still feeling blah today.
It appears I have the Blogger Blues.
So sorry and I hope you'll come back next week.
I promise to snap out of it and I still have some more Paris posts.

What's your cure for the Blogger Blues?



  1. Hey Selena! So sorry you have the Blogger Blues. My cure is to take a complete step away and plan at least a weekend, if not longer, away from my blog, the Internet and my computer. I'll be honest - it means that a lot of posts don't get written - but it means that I'm happier with the posts I do write. It also means that I often bounce back, full of inspiration, wondering how I ever lost my mojo in the first place.

    Let's meet up! Let me know when you've recovered from your visitors.

    1. Lunch with friends always helps with the blues!!! Thanks again!!


  2. I LOVE Boris! We started our engagement photos at More London and I was desperate for him to be in them, haha!

    hm... solution for blogger blues... don't worry about blogging, go enjoy yourself, and the spark will come back!

    1. He is such a character!! And I can't wait to see those pics!!


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