Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Favo(u)rite Things - The Great British Bake Off

I've decided to start a new weekly post series to go with I Spy Friday.
Since moving here I've discovered some wonderful new things...
food, words, shows and more.  Things that I never knew I was missing.
So each week, I'm going to share one of those things with you.

This week, it's one of my favo(u)rite new television programs.

The Great British Bake Off

I had this brilliant idea that once we settled into our new London flat, 
I would somehow transform into a domestic goddess. 

I would get up each morning and skip to the market to fill a basket with fresh produce.
Each evening I would produce a beautiful, healthy meal worthy of a photo spread.

I even have a special bookshelf for our cookbooks and my new Jamie subscription.

But, alas.  I've only rediscovered what I already knew.
I much prefer watching other people cook to actually cooking myself.

I do cook most days, but I find myself going back to the old easy standbys... 
tacos, spaghetti or frozen kievs.  Poor TE.  

I can cook a decent meal.
Mr. B declared my salmon the best ever!  (Made my day.)
I just have a little trouble with daily motivation.

So each Tuesday, we snuggle on the couch to watch The Great British Bake Off on BBC2.

It's in its third season and is watched every week by over 4 million people.

Each week, home bakers are put through three baking challenges and judged on the results.
Each week a top baker is awarded and someone is sent home.
Eventually the champion amateur baker is named. 
The judges are Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.
They are the perfect combination of good cop/bad cop.
And they are constantly on the look out for "soggy bottoms."

It's basically an hour of stressed out bakers, sitting on the floor, gazing into the ovens, talking to their sticky buns and willing them to have a "good bake."

 It's a brilliant show!  And full of drama.
Is there enough jelly in that donut?
Is the pastry flaky enough?
Will the sixth batch of caramel turn out?

I love this show.

How about you?  Do you watch?
Do you prefer to be in the kitchen or just watch others cook?


Pics are mine and this is not a sponsored post. 


  1. I know this is a cult thing and it's right up my alley but somehow I've never seen it! must change that :)

    1. You have to see it. It really is fun to watch! I can't wait to see more of the engagement photos, btw!!!


  2. I personally asked BBC America to show this in the USA. I was in the UK for the first season when it became a cult hit. I have the Mary Berry cook book. I see all my friends tweeting about the episodes when it shows, and I get so jealous!

    On another note - you have the Leon cookbooks! I LOVED Leon in London. Nom nom nom nom.

    1. It's such a success and can't imagine that it won't come to the USA soon. I don't have any of Mary Berry's cookbooks yet but on my Christmas list. Leon is coming out with their fourth cookbook next week! I love their fish wraps!! Thanks for stopping by!!


  3. I go one further - I don't like watching people cook and I don't like cooking myself but I sure like eating food!! Yum. See you tomorrow!

  4. This post has warmed my heart and made me feel a little less alone - thank you! I have been stalking your blog for the past six to seven months as I stumbled upon it in my quest to learn more about expats who have moved to London. I am a Canadian woman who recently moved to London in August and have been going through all that a big move such as this involves. Your blog, as well as those that you follow and I link to through your blog have comforted me and helped me incredibly in my transition. One of the things that I began going as soon as we moved here was begin a wonderful collection of cook books and like you I thought this is my chance to all of a sudden become the culinary genius that I know lies somewhere inside me. lol! I too thought that I would wake up and plan incredible meals/desserts and go to the various markets enjoying every minute of it. I somehow forgot that real life does not work quite so idyllically. I too love the show The Great British Bake off and enjoy watching others cook a great deal more than actually doing it myself. The funniest is that your book case looks exactly like mine...we have purchased so many of the same books (Nigella's Kitchen, The Little Paris Kitchen, Jamie Oliver + Pasta) I looked at the Leon books and they were going to be my next splurge to add to my collection. Do you recommend? Anyway today I thought I should write and let you know just how much I am enjoying your adventures and the style in which you tell all about your life. Once again thank you for having the courage to put yourself out there because it has helped me immeasurably.

    1. Gina, your comment made my week!!! I can't tell you how helpful other expat blogs have been during this transition. It absolutely thrills me that I can do the same for someone else!!! You are definitely not alone.

      I'm dying to get the new Nigelissima cookbook and I do recommend the Leon books.

      I would love it if we could meet up for lunch sometime soon. Let me know if you're available.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!!


    2. Hi Selena,
      It was so nice to hear back from you last week and you made my day in return! Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I wish I could meet with you this week but I am heading back to Canada (Ottawa) today after being in wonderful London for 40 days getting my son settled in his new school (ACS Hillingdon - amazing school!). Our house has not sold yet and all of our belongings need to be packed up to be shipped over so I will be the coordinator of all that. My husband works for IKEA and we are doing an international move with the company (here 3 to 5 years)- quite an adventure!! I would love to get together with you when I get back - my return date is up in the air right now but I should have a better idea in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to seeing family and all that is familiar but I am sad to be leaving this incredible city. So much to explore! I have had my ups and downs in the adjustment and that is why your blog has offered me so much comfort. I was hoping to keep a better record of my time by blogging as well but I am not sure that I have "the gift" to be able to keep a consistent log/journal/photos of my journey on this expat adventure. It is truly remarkable. Perhaps when I catch my breath (and stop trying to cook phenomenal meals from all my cookbooks! lol!)
      With Kind Regards,

    3. P.S. I did buy the Nigelissima cookbook and I can recommend it.
      The Banana Bread and Coffee ice-cream (made without an ice-cream maker - yay!)recipes were incredibly good and I was pleased with the purchase to add to my growing collection.

  5. I LOVE The Great British Bake-Off...such a lovely lovely show!

  6. I've only ever watched one episode of this and it was one of the charity episodes because where I work was featured, Mel came and baked with the kids that I work with and it was so much fun, what they made looked unedible but they had such a blast and Mel was lovely and it was so great to watch them all on tv.


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