Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Dear Juan Letter

Dear Tex-Mex,

This is so hard for me.  I never dreamed I would have to write this letter.  But, I just can't do this anymore.  I thought that we could make this long-distance thing work.  But, it's just too hard.  It's not you.  Please don't blame yourself.  It's just how life is sometimes.  

I've tried.  Oh, how I've tried.  I even went on a quest of sorts to stay connected to you.  I've been to the places you told me about.  I've connected with your "friends" here in London.  Last weekend, I even found myself visiting your '"Crazy Homies."  But, it was no good.  Even the two pomegranate margaritas could not hide the fact that something was still missing.  Queso!  Queso was missing and my heart broke all over again.  

And please don't blame this on my new expat friends.  They love you and they have been nothing but supportive.  They understand what we are going through.  They have even reminded me that I can find El Paso brand products at Tesco. 

I have another confession, Tex-Mex.  Please don't be angry.  Try to understand.  I've been spending some time with another new friend.  He's from India, but has lived in London for years.  We just met and it's nothing serious at all.  It's just... that he's trying to help me get through this.  I told him how you used to share a basket (or 8) of tortilla chips with me before dinner.  And I told him how much I loved the queso and salsa that you always made just for me.  I cried when I told him.  
The next night before dinner, he served me something called poppadoms.  He even included mango chutney and mint yogurt sauce.  He then served me something called Tandoori because he knew I was missing your fajitas.  For just a second, I almost forgot..  But, he is no you, Tex-Mex.  He is no you.  It's nothing, I'm sure.  I probably shouldn't have even mentioned it.  

So, you see.  I have to do this.  I have to say good-bye.  I have to end this now before it becomes unbearable.  I hope that someday you can forgive me.   And, who knows, Tex-Mex.  Life is crazy.  Maybe someday... some day in the distant future, we will pass each other on the street in some Texas town.  If and when that happens, Tex-Mex, I hope that we can smile, spend some time together... share a laugh.  You'll never know what you've meant to me.  I will never forget you.  

Love always,


  1. ha! that made me giggle..and i was sat watching my kids swim lesson so got a few strange looks. Indian food is awesome tho x

  2. Selena...that is just GREAT! you have a wonderful way with words...next time i try and break it off with chocolate mounds cake, i am going to come to you for inspiration! smooch
    Donna T

  3. I feel your pain, although I haven't developed a liking for the new guy yet. :)

  4. That's funny! I never knew how much I loved tex-mex / mexican food until I came over here. I crave that food more than any other and you just can't find good mexican over here.

  5. Couldn't agree more! We did find a good little Mexican place on Portobello Rd...and if you're still in the cheating mood, super Indian in Marylebone (Bombay Spice)...

    Thanks for the sweet words about the cookies! I think you're settling in so well - raising an imaginary margarita to you!

    Hope to see you soon!


  6. Oh, how I can identify with this! I must share this with my Texas friends living in London. So clever!

  7. Brilliant! Indian does kind of do the trick doesn't it? Thank goodness for that. But I do have to tell you that I've had success with cheese enchiladas and refried beans using the Homesick Texan cookbook with things bought at my French grocery store and the world market. Come on down to the South of France if you're in a bind and I'll hook you up! And bring a decent curry with you pretty please?
    aidan x

  8. This was brilliant and I can so so so relate. The best Tex Mex you will eat in London is the one made by yourself.

  9. So funny!! Neither Paul nor I like Mexican food, but it does seem to be the #1 "miss" for Americans abroad. We do/did?? both thoroughly enjoy Indian, though, and there's a distinct lack of that here in NC. We're hoping DC has some, since he'll be traveling there a lot.
    Oh, and our favorite Indian restaurant in Harrogate does give a plate full of crispy rice chips and several dips- perhaps that can be your nachos substitute?


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