Friday, March 9, 2012

I spy Friday

It's Friday and time to share some of the things I spied this week.  
Living in a new place certainly heightens your observation skills.
I've seen all sorts of fun stuff. 

We visited the National History Museum on Monday.  
The most fun was just watching the little ones experience this cool museum, 
particularly the dinosaur exhibit.   
We saw a newly mobile baby walking behind his stroller roaring loudly.  

A toddler a little older was actually clawing her way up her father and screaming.  
This was in reaction to the huge animatronic T-Rex.  

By the time they got out of there she was practically perched on his head.  
But, she recovered quickly.  

A few minutes later we spotted her again.  She had two little clawed hands pulled up against her chest (T-Rex did have freakishly short arms) and she was stomping around with huge Baby Ugg clad steps.  
She was also roaring and quite fiercely, I might add.  Very cute.

On Thursday, I went to The Savoy to see a matinee of Legally Blonde, The Musical.  
It was the bomdiggity.   (Yes, I actually use that word and often.)


I was smiling and laughing the entire time.  The audience was mostly "Ladies Who Lunch" and elderly couples.  But, sitting next to me were five guys celebrating a birthday.  

You know how when you go see a show and there is one person who laughs the loudest?  Well, that was the birthday boy sitting next to me.  They particularly loved the "Gay or European?" number.   I'm also assuming they had a pre-show lunch involving lager, because the birthday boy belched throughout the show.  
They were fun and sweet to include me in their celebration. 

 Oh, and remember how I told you about the Interval Drink Orders last week?  
Well, here is my Pinot Grigio just waiting for me on its little perch.  

Magic, I tell you.   

And in the "Things that make you go hmm?" category, I saw this sign on a gate this week.
I was perplexed, to say the least. 


Not the weirdest thing I've ever Googled.  
Apparently, it is paint that never dries and will leave stains all over you if try to climb said gate.  
I'm glad I didn't test it.  

In the "Things that make you go Yum!" category, we had dinner at Itsu last night.  
It's a Sushi Go Round!
You sit at a bar and in front of you is a conveyor belt.  
And traveling along that little magic highway are plates of sushi and other yummy stuff.
You just grab what you want as it passes by.  
We also ordered some other dishes from the kitchen.   
The place was packed.  The food was fresh and very tasty. 
 At the end, the waiter counts up your little plates (they are color coded by price) and gives you the bill.   
And then your hubby pays it!   More magic!

And on the subway this week, I spotted my first Tube mouse at one of the stations.  Luckily, I was on the train and not standing at the station.  
I quickly forgot about the little rodent when I saw this...

Oh... Em... Gee.  
Somewhere out there in this vast urban jungle they call London, 
there are Krispy Kreme Donuts.
Did you hear me?

Forget the Queso Quest, people.  I am now on a mission!


 p.s.   As promised, here are this week's Photo A Day Instagram shots...

My Neighborhood (legit graffiti at urban art gallery)




What I Wore



  1. every Tesco has Krispy Kremes! get thee hence :)

  2. Now I can see the comments box. Hmm...must have been something to do with my work computer.

  3. Great way to show off your Photos a Day entries. Good idea!

  4. I love this post, Selena. I've never seen a mouse on the tube - yet! - and I always order drinks for the interval at the theatre. It's such a treat to see the tray waiting with your name on!

  5. I must go there without children ! The museum is fantastic if you don't have little children getting upset over the real life size dinos ! Mind you they are pretty scary ! Hahaha you like the interval order drinks ?! I use to work for the same group that owns the Savoy ... it can be pretty fun getting your drink whilst watching others queue for a while for theirs depending on the popularity of the show and the type of crowd. Although i have to say theatres are darn expensive places ... xx


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