Friday, March 2, 2012

I spy Friday

I am an avid people watcher.  And what better place to watch than London?  So, I'm starting a new, weekly post... I Spy Friday. I will just post some random things that I've seen throughout the week.  Here goes...

At LadyKillers at the Geilgud Theater...
  • A lady who brought her crochet with her.  I guess she felt the need to keep her hands busy while watching live theater. 
  • A couple with their suitcases.  I still don't know where they put them.  Theater seats are so small!
  • My new favorite theater treat... interval drink orders.  You order and pay... they give you a number.  At intermission, you go to the the shelf labeled with your number and there is a gin & tonic (with ice & lemon).  Like magic... just waiting on the shelf for you.  No standing in line.  Brilliant.

Saturday Night Subway Ride...
  • Group of old-fashioned golfers... complete with knickers and sweater vests.  
  • Group of cowboys and indians.... complete with one guy dressed as a horse.  
  • Two straggler drunken pirates.  
  • Apparently, young grooms/groomsmen like to dress up, too.  Can't let the hens have all the fun. 

Shopping on Regent Dr...
  • Emma Thompson!!!  Only my very favorite English actress/screenwriter ever!!  She was just walking along, by herself, shopping.  I think I might have sqeaked.  

Walking down Portobello St...
  • A fashion Shoot.  I couldn't resist whipping out the iphone for my own shot. 

In other news...

Thanks to a tip from Beantown Prepster, I'm participating in a the March Photo a Day Challenge.   You can see my daily pics on twitter (@SelenaThePlaces) and I'll include them each week on I Spy Friday

March 1st   "up"

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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  1. Looking forward to reading more I Spy! Thanks for the tip on the theater drinks. That's great to know!


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