Friday, February 6, 2015

Frankie's Sports Bar & Diner

Facebook was very interesting last weekend.  The American contingency was all about the Super Bowl.  I didn't really pay attention.  Not because I wasn't interested, but because it made me kind of homesick.  As much as I love London I still often crave a little taste of home.  Some Americana to relax into.  We had the chance to do just that recently at Frankie's Sports Bar & Diner on Fulham Road. 

Frankie's Sports Bar & Diner, London

I love a cozy British pub, but this place really felt familiar with mirrors, 12 big screen TVs and Coors Light on tap.  When I saw pulled pork on the menu, I knew it was going to be a great night. 

Frankie's Sports Bar & Diner, London

Football, football and more football.  They had a Super Bowl party last weekend but unfortunately it was sold out. 

Frankie's Sports Bar & Diner, London

The brightly lit Jukebox held a place of honor right by the door. 

Frankie's Sports Bar & Diner, London

Frankie's Sports Bar & Diner, London

We ordered a beer and a wine and were mildly perplexed when two of each were set before us, until the bartender pointed to the happy hour sign.  Sweet.

Frankie's Sports Bar & Diner, London

Then is was time to get our grub on.  It happened to be Thanksgiving, so Matt ordered the Thanksgiving dinner burger.  Everything that you can squeeze into Turkey day squeezed into a burger.  He cleaned his plate and was craving a nap afterwards. 

I absolutely love pulled pork but I'm often reluctant to order it because it's never quite like it should be.  This was proper pulled pork on a soft warm bun and was perfect.  I also cleaned my plate. 

You can't eat at a diner without onion rings, now can you?

It felt good to get a little taste of home in London.  It's not a Sports Bar without a lot of mirrors. That's so you can see a TV screen no matter where you are sitting. 

Frankie's has all of the key sports channels and will show anything that is shown live. Just make a request and the staff will be happy to help.  

If you're tired of the pub and craving a bit of America just remember that Tuesday night is all you can eat BBQ.  Just sayin'.  

Where's your favorite American joint in London?


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