Friday, June 28, 2013

I Spy Friday featuring Mudchute City Farm

Like a girlfriend with a new guy,
I'm sure I'm getting on your nerves gushing about my love for London.

And I don't want to be that girl.
So, I will admit that sometimes you just need a break from
the hustle and bustle that is the big city.

It was time for a little breather, a visit to a city farm for a taste of the
"country life in the heart of East London"

Horse Mudchute Farm East London

When my dear friend Erin, invited me to visit the farm with her I jumped at the chance.
I took the tube and the DLR out to the Isle of Dogs in East London
and met Erin for a few hours enjoying this 32 acre site in the middle of London.
It's such a great place to check out the furry creatures, take a stroll and just breathe.

This unused piece of land was earmarked for high-rise construction
but the local inhabitants decided they had other plans for a "people's park."  And over 30 years ago,
the Mudchute Association was developed to preserve and develop the area.

Pig at Mudchute Farm in East London

Goats Mudchute Farm London

Chickens at Mudchute Farm London

Free Range Children Mudchute Farm

Turkey Mudchute Farm London

Look at all of these adorable faces!
We couldn't stop smiling.  We might have even talked to most of the animals in that voice.
You know, the one you reserve for animals and babies.
Goat Mudchute Farm

Red Rose Mudchute Farm London
Donkey at Mudchute Farm London

  Beware of Squirrels Mudchute Farm London

Alpacas at Mudchute Farm London
Walking Trails at Mudchute Park London
Squirrel Mudchute Farm London

Llamas at Mudchute Farm London

There is also an Equestrian Centre and a riding school.
This is little Millie.  She is so gorgeous I had to show you two pictures of her.
I must have taken 20 of them them.  She had the sweetest face!

Horse Mudchute Farm London

Horse Mudchute Farm London

We planned to have a coffee at the Mudchute Kitchen,
but our timing was a bit off.  Next time.
They operate on seasonal hours so check the website before you go.

Mudchute Kitchen London

Planning your visit:

They do not have parking.  Public transport is the easiest way to get there.

The farm and park are free to visit.

The farm is open every day from 9am to 5pm.
The park is open all day every day.

They ask that you follow their hygiene code to reduce the risk of infection to the animals.
There is a hand-washing station and toilets on site.  

You are welcome to bring a picnic, just make sure to eat in the designated areas
and not the grazing paddocks or riding trails.

For you WWII history buffs, there is also a wartime battery site on the farm
with a restored ack-ack gun that was used to defend the London Docks.

If you'd like to follow along with what's going on at Mudchute read their blog
or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Erin at Mudchute Park

Thanks for the invite, Erin
It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon, not to mention it was followed by Rib Night!

 Where do you go to escape the city?


  1. I have been harassing my husband all day to take me there on the weekend!

  2. It's pretty out this morning! Did you convince him to take you??

  3. We are going to go next weekend, we were meeting up with his Aunty today which I had forgotten about and tomorrow is our movie day. Not long now till I get to visit the farm - yippee!

  4. What a charming escape from the hustle and bustle of London. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  5. What a place! Who would have thought there'd be such verdant farm acreage in London! We have something similar in Toronto called Riverdale Farm and it allows all the city children an education in agriculture.


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