Monday, June 10, 2013

Final Stops in Rotterdam

Just in case I haven't yet convinced you to visit Rotterdam,
I have one final post to tie up my first European solo trip.

I've also added Rotterdam to my Travel Destinations Page.
There you can find quick and easy links to posts about the places we've visited on the blog.

There are four last stops on our Rotterdam trip and two of them involve food!

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe and one of the busiest in the world,
so you know they are going to have access to some of the best seafood.
Hotel New York is located in the former headquarters of the
Holland America Line built in 1901.  I didn't see any of the rooms, 
but we did have dinner there one evening. 
The large restaurant combines elegance (sparkling chandeliers
and massive fresh flower arrangements) with a comfortable nautical theme.
And the food, wine and service were exceptional.

Izkaya Restaurant and Bar was a very special dining experience.
I was expecting something completely different and didn't take my camera.
Big mistake (so pardon the iphone pics).
The Asian Fusion menu was wonderful but the Touch Tables made the experience.

The tabletops are completely interactive and using a little mouse pad area on the table,
you can view the complete menu, order your food and drinks, check out the Chef Cam,
play games (You sank my Battleship!), call the wait staff or request your check and more.
My favorite activity was changing the "tablecloth" to match each course.

(And, guess what?  There is one in London!
It's called Inamo and I can not wait to check it out.)

Groos Rotterdam is a store in the Schieblock area of the city.
Groos means Pride and local artists sell their products here.
It is where talent and inspiration meet in Rotterdam.
Everything from pottery to clothes.  I found some great camera straps, but I resisted.

 This is where young professionals have come together with a 
very specific plan to revitalize this area of the city. 
We were lucky enough to visit some of the studios and the public space which includes a rooftop farm complete with honey bees.


In 1940, the city of Rotterdam was bombarded by the German Air Force.
The city center was destroyed and 30,000 people were left homeless.

When you visit Rotterdam, you won't find the typical European city with 
cobblestones and cathedrals.  I love visiting those cities and I cannot 
wait to visit a dozen more.  

But, Rotterdam charmed me in a completely different way. 
Instead of classic architecture, you find a modern city still working to rebuild
and recovering from the economic crisis. 
There is the funky, edgy feel of a city on the brink of something really special.

By all means, visit Amsterdam and The Hague.
But, if you don't spend at least a few days in Rotterdam, you are missing out.

I hope you've liked my little tour of Rotterdam.
 Have I convinced you to add it to your list?


This visit was complimentary as a part of the TBU post-conference blog trip "Off the Beaten Path" hosted by Rotterdam Marketing and Holland Tourism.

All opinions and photographs are completely my own.  


  1. If I had a restaurant with a changing tablecloth and games I would go all the time!

  2. My mom and I are planning a trip to London next summer. Definitely going to check out Inamo after those pictures and descriptions of Izkaya! Can't wait!


  3. What a great post! I especially loved all of your photographs- you're so talented!!

  4. Irene @ Away from TenerifeJune 11, 2013 at 5:13 AM

    I like Rotterdam for those same reasons, it is edgy and cool. And I agree with you that no visit to the Netherlands is complete without spending at least a couple of hours in Rotterdam.

    Very cool place, that Izkaya Bar, I had never seen quite a thing as those tables :)

  5. Yup, Izkaya is my type of restaurant. I've always thought we should be able to order our food ourselves. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. It was fun. Not great for conversation, too much stuff to play with. xoxo Selena

  7. I was so pleasantly surprised with Rotterdam. I didn't really know what to expect. I'm hoping that my husband and I can get back this fall for the World Food Festival. xoxo Selena

  8. Jessie, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Y'all are going to love London! If you need any tips or help with the planning, I'll be happy to help if I can. London has so much to offer!! Added you to bloglovin & followed on Twitter. xoxo Selena

  9. It was pretty cool. I couldn't stop playing with everything. They even have a Happy Birthday "tablecloth". So fun. xoxo Selena


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