Thursday, June 6, 2013

A stroll through Delfshaven

Groeten uit Delfshaven

Today I'm going to take you on a little stroll through a borough of Rotterdam.
Delfshaven has a beautiful central harbor area that is easily accessible on the tram or tube.
It was quiet the afternoon that we visited, but when the weather is nice,

When the puritans fled England, they settled in Holland for several years. This is harbor where they started their journey to the new world to colonize New England in 1620.

The founding fathers knelt in prayer along the quay here before starting their journey.
The  Pelgrimvaderskerk, or Pilgrim Father's Church nearby was later named after them. 

As we walked along, the church bells started to chime which just added to the atmosphere and the feeling of stepping back into history.  We didn't have time to tour the church, but it is on the list for our next visit.

houses Delfshaven Rotterdam

Housees Delfshaven Rotterdam

Bicycle Delfshaven Rotterdam

Boat Delfshaven Rotterdam

Green Canopy Streetlamp Delfshaven Rotterdam

Bicycle Dog Walker Delfshaven Rotterdam

Duck Delftshaven Rotterdam

White Sail Bicycles Delfshaven Rotterdam

Harbor Windmill Delfshaven Rotterdam

Bridge Delfshaven Rotterdam

 This is one of the areas that luckily wasn't destroyed during the bombings of WWII.
Isn't it just beautiful?  I can't wait to go back with Matthew.

This area is also home to the only brewery in Rotterdam.
De Pelgrim is a family business that opened in 1996. 
We got a personal tour from the Eric, the Brew Master followed with a beer tasting.
They have a restaurant and a beautiful little beer garden
tucked in right next to the Pilgrim Father's Church.

Lamb De Pelgrim Brewery Delfshaven Rotterdam

Pelgrim Bier Rotterdam

Pelgrim Bier Delfshaven Rotterdam

Beer Garden at De Pelgrim Brewery in Delfshaven Rotterdam

Beer Taps De Pelgrim Delfshaven Rotterdam

De Pelgrim Brewery in Delfshaven Rotterdam

De Pelgrim Bier Syrup Bier Mustard Delfshaven Rotterdam

Beer Tasting De Pelgrim Delfshaven Rotterdam

The beer was fantastic.  They also produce and sell little jars of Bier Syrup and Bier Mustard.
Imagine a hearty cheese board served with both along with a glass of deep, dark Koffiestout?

Erik told us that two direct descendants of the
pilgrim's recently were married here at the brewery.
This place is a gem and you guessed it...

It's on our list for when we return to Rotterdam.

This visit was complimentary as a part of the TBU post-conference blog trip "Off the Beaten Path" hosted by Rotterdam Marketing and Holland Tourism.
All opinions and photographs are completely my own.  


  1. Sarah @ The WanderbloggerJune 6, 2013 at 5:36 AM

    What a beautiful place! It's so quaint and welcoming! Excellent photos, as well. I love the one of the bicycle with a milk carton substituted for a basket!

  2. Thanks, Sarah. Delfshaven was so pretty! I can't wait to go back and spend some more time. xoxo

  3. What gorgeous photos! But we definitely need to sit down so you can give me a history lesson. I know for a fact that the Hugenots came from France to South Africa and UK but I didn't realise they went back to Holland.

  4. Thanks, Mandy! I'm not sure I can give a history lesson, but it is very interesting isn't it? I can't wait to see you and give you a big hug. My thoughts are with you. xoxo Selena


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