Sunday, June 17, 2012

St. Michael's Mount

Last year I installed the Castle Screensavers on my work computer and decided that I had to visit every one of the castles that were pictured.  
Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France is at the top of that list and I can't wait to visit. 

But, I didn't realize that there is a counterpart to that amazing sight in Cornwall, England.

 St. Michael's Mount was given to the Benedictine monks in the 11th Century and in 1135, the French Monks built the first church on the tidal island and it became a pilgrimage site.  

In the 1400's it was taken by the English Monarchy and given to a subject by Queen Elizabeth I.  

 In 1659 it was sold to the John St. Aubyn and became a personal home.  His ancestors still live on the island. 
In the 50's the family gifted the Mount to the National Trust with a 999 year family lease.

 We visited early in the morning while the tide was in. 
We loaded up on to little boats for the the quick trip across (£2 each per trip).

 When the tide is out, you walk over to the island on a stone pathway.  

There is a small harbor and gift shops at the base of the Mount.  

The rocky climb up to the top is a bit of a challenge,
but not too bad if you take it slow and wear comfy shoes.  

Once you get to the top, the views are breathtaking!

The exteriors are ancient but the interiors aren't what you expect.
It is a modern home and we were able to walk through a few of the rooms.
It was interesting to read about how the home has been managed over the past 500 years.

A butler made this model with wine corks.  Now that's what you do with wine corks.
I'm going to Pin this, I think.  

 There is a large verandah and a path around the building with more spectacular views. 

I was struggling a little with my fear of heights as it was straight down on one side.

You can see the walkway that is covered up by the tides.  

 After a good explore, as the tide went out and the clouds rolled in, we took the small boat back over to the mainland and said goodbye to St. Michael's Mount.

I looked out and saw this image rising out of the sea and it was like traveling back in time.  
I still can't believe there are places like this in the world
and I have to pinch myself when I see them.

It was magical.  I know, I know.
I really need to get a thesaurus because I just don't have the words.
I definitely had a moment or two while at St. Michael's Mount.

I hope you aren't getting bored of our Cornwall trip.  There are still a few more posts.
More magic.



  1. Hi, Selena! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog! I am an American who taught school in London for one year in 2002-'03, and I am amazed at all the places you have shared. I never heard of some of them! Keep them coming, I love traveling vicariously through you; your fabulous photos make me feel like I'm there with you! P.S. Your daughter looks EXACTLY like you! She's adorable!

  2. I feel like your blog is becoming a "must-see" list for our travels around southern England! Gorgeous!

  3. What a stunning castle! I absolutely love visiting castles and have been lucky enough to see about ten so far on the British Isles. I have to add this one to my list though because I can see the French influences in the turrets and that fascinates me.

    I also get pretty sad how words fail me when I'm trying to describe places!

  4. I had no idea this existed! putting it on my list to visit - so beautiful!

  5. I'm with Betsy! This place is gorgeous. I LOVED Mont. St Michel, so I know this wouldn't be a disappointment at all.

  6. Wow- extraordinary!!

  7. Wonderful photos. We used to go to Cornwall every year when I was a child.

  8. What an amazing place! Had never heard of this place, but am definitely adding it to our list of places to visit. Cornwall has never been high on that list, but you are changing my mind!


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