Friday, June 8, 2012

I Spy Friday featuring Sugar Bear (and Stonehenge)

 I've skipped the last two I Spy Friday posts, but with very good reason!
I have only had eyes for this one...

My daughter arrived on the 24th of May for a two week visit.
I might have made a little scene at Heathrow, but who can blame me.
Her first words when she saw me were "Don't cry!"

She just left on Wednesday.  Sad face. 
But, we had SUCH a wonderful time!  It felt so good and right to share England with her.

We didn't give her a chance to mess with jet lag.
On the day after she arrived, we loaded her into a rental car
and headed out on a road trip to Cornwall.

The Southwest coast of England is Spec-tac-u-lar!  I can't even tell you!  
But, I will attempt to show you as the week goes on.  I'll be writing several posts about our trip. 

On the way, we made a quick stop at Stonehenge.  It's only about 90 minutes out of London.

When you first come upon Stonehenge out in this big field, it's surprising how small it seems.
In my mind, it was this huge massive monument so to actually see it is surreal.

 TE and I had visited before but it was closed.  This time we did the whole audio tour thing.

 The audios were informative and discussed many of the theories about the henge.
There were stories of Merlin, giants and the devil.  Aliens even had an honorable mention.

Isn't she gorgeous?!
There were quite a few people there, but it only took about a hour to get through.

(I have a blogger confession to make. 
I have this thing about getting random people in my photos.  It makes me crazy. 
But you can't really shoo hundreds of people out of the way at Stonehenge, can you?
Please tell me it's not just me.)

 Once you get up close and really start looking, Stonehenge becomes large and epic again.
Every time you  look at it you see something different and interesting.
I could walk around it for hours and take pictures.
I just wish it was like Avebury Henge where you can get in there, touch and explore. 
 Here are some more Stonehenge photos.  (Just pretend that you can't see the other tourists.)


I love the colors of the lichen on the stones.

 Doesn't the raven in the foreground seem appropriate?


I can't wait to share more of Sugar Bear's visit!
Stayed tuned for Polperro, Tintagel, Land's End,
Harry Potter Studios, London Zoo and so much more.
Thanks for reading and commenting.  It means the world.  



  1. Your daughter's adorable! I bet you all had the best time scooting around England together. I've yet to get to Cornwall so I will be anxious to see your photos!

  2. Ah so lovely, I can't get over how similar you look! and I'm completely with you on the random people invading your photos - so rude right! I usually try and see if I can wait standing with my camera long enough that people get the idea and it guilts them out of the way but obviously it doesn't always work that way!

  3. What a gorgeous day you had to see the stones! Love the photo of you and your daughter. <3 Don't worry about all those pesky strangers -- gives your photos scale and shows how universally interesting Stonehenge is. ;)

  4. I missed your posts the last two weeks but I hope you enjoyed the time with your daughter. Your photos are beautiful and I hardly noticed the tiny people in the background. Have a nice weekend. I can’t wait to read more about your trip.

  5. This is SO me. I love that you took loads of photos of Stonehenge, I do this too (I love digital cameras and the 'free' film!). And YES, I totally hate having the randoms in my pix! However, I once managed to get a human-free image of Stonehenge (well, part of it) and I posted it on my blog a few years ago and someone left a comment that I should have had a person in the photo so readers could see the scale! There was a crow sitting on top of one of the stones, but maybe it wasn't that clear. Anyway, Crumpets in Camelot was correct in saying at least the people in the image give it scale :) Sounds like you had a great time. My sister is coming in July and I am really looking forward to it!

  6. Aw! So glad you guys all had a great visit!

  7. Wow, what an amazing visit and beautiful photos! (I also hate random people in my photos...I even have a tendency to photoshop them out!!)

  8. Selena do you know that PhotoShop may help you in the issue with tourists in photos? :) There is an option in the program that if you take, let us say 20 pictures, with a camera (from the same position - frame by frame) you may overlay them and create 1 without the people in it?! :) It is well worth a lookup ;)

    Yours truly,

    The LadyBug :)


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