Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Go West, Young Man!

The next stop of our road trip was Land's End, Cornwall which is the Western most point of England.  

After paying £5 to park we walked through a very uninviting walkway
and were greeted with enticements to spend more of our hard earned pounds.  

I would suggest you bypass all of this man-made stuff
and just make your way straight to the real attraction of Land's End... 
the views.  

As usual, I just don't have the words so I'll show you the pictures. 
But, even the pictures don't really capture the true magnificence.  

We had a little companion on the cliff paths.  He was adorable and not skittish at all.  

We explored and admired the spectacular views for about an hour and were on our way.  
Just as the German tour buses arrived.

Next stop... a Cider Farm!


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