Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time for a Cider Break!

At this point, Sugar Bear was tired of the epic views and historical lectures.
(Who is this child?) 

She was over it and wanted something a little more fun, preferably with animals.
So when we spotted this place in a local travel guide, we made it our next stop. 

Cider, shopping, critters AND a tractor ride?  We're there!

 Healey's Cornish Cyder Farm is the home of Cornish Scrumpy and Cornish Rattler.  

 You can visit the working cider farm, shop and restaurant for free.  

We opted to spend a few extra quid and took the guided tour
of the press house and a tractor ride through the orchards.

Our guides were very informed and cute, young men with Cornish accents,
so SB perked up quite a bit. 
For TE & me, they even have a museum of old presses that was very interesting
... (and historical, but don't tell SB.)   

There's a petting zoo and a jam cellar.  

The Cyder Farm turned out to be a highlight of our trip even without the epic views.

Happy Girl.

 I love their bangs (fringe).  Too cute!

We capped off our visit with a cider tasting.  We didn't think we liked cider much, but after the tasting we realized that we actually did like it.
It was pretty good!  

We ended up bringing several bottles home, including the
Texas Style Hard Cyder!

We then continued north along the western coast and this was our view most of the way...

Narrow one lane roads with hedges on both sides.
The exciting part was when you met another vehicle coming in the opposite direction.
Talk about a tight squeeze.  TE did an excellent job.

I offered to drive, but he declined.  Can't imagine why?

We passed through a few more picturesque coastal towns
including Port Isaac where Doc Martin (very funny British sitcom) is filmed.

We also stopped at an old church and had a walk around the peaceful, old graveyard. 

Can you believe this was only our second full day on the road?
That night we stayed at another B&B, The Lane End Farm in Pendoggett, Cornwall. 
It was comfy and we had a good night's sleep.  

We were heading back to London the next day, but not before two more stops...
one with history and views and one with more furry creatures.



  1. Pear Rattler is one of the nicest ciders I have tasted! Still trying to locate a stcokist nearby. Lovely pics of lovely Cornwall x See you this weekend x m

  2. Tasty cider mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm ! Although I love shandy's too .... gosh I am sooo English ! xxx

  3. Ooh the cider looks delicious!
    Your pictures are super lovely too! I was reading your post in Google Reader but had to click through so I could comment on just how lovely the photos are!
    Glad you had a nice trip xx

  4. Great picture of the scrumpy! I absolutely love Cornwall! Again, wonderful photos!

  5. This looks like a beautiful day! We always stop for cider tastings-- I love the scrumpy ones the most. Also, I love wooly cows. Your pictures are beautiful, and it's always so nice to see England in the sunshine!

  6. Thanks so much for commenting on my pictures! I love getting comments but getting comments from bloggers that I admire and have blogs that I love is the BEST!!! Very special! Thanks again!!


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