Thursday, June 14, 2012

Plymouth, Polperro and Penzance

After my family pulled me kicking and screaming from Dartmoor,
we headed South into Cornwall to explore the coastline.  
Our first stop was Plymouth (as in, Plymouth where the Mayflower started it's famous journey).
And Plymouth is actually in Devon just on the border of Cornwall. 

We were scheduled for a tour at the Plymouth Gin distillery, but we were late and missed it.  TE was pretty pissed disappointed, but it just means we'll have to go back.  
They tried to blame it on my lollygagging, but I say it was just the crazy narrow English roads.  
There was a pirate festival down by the harbor which was some consolation.  



After hanging out with the pirates for a bit, we hopped back into the car and made our way West via ferry.
Our next stop was Polperro which was... yep, you guessed it... Magical!  
It is the most charming, little fishing village ever.  I definitely have to go back.  

Instead of taking us to the carpark above the town, our GPS (satnav) actually took us in the back way
and we ended up driving down through the center of the town.

 If you've ever been to Polperro, you have an idea of how crazy this was. 
You should have seen the looks we got from pedestrians as they tried to get out of our way.
Sugar Bear was napping and we woke her up as we were 
squeezing through a six foot opening at about a 75 degree angle.  
The problem might have been that TE changed the language setting of the GPS to German.
(No, he doesn't speak German.)
 It was crazy... but fun!

Once we found the carpark, we went back into the little town the proper way... on foot.
It was the most picturesque little place.  
The tide was out, so the fish smell was a little much, but the views made up for it.
It also meant that we got to explore a little cave down on the beach
that would be underwater during high tide.  

 "I'll take two fish & chips and a crab sandwich, Mate"

I might have pretended I was a pirate while I was in the cave.  You would have, too. 


Check out that golf cart squeezing through.
The village dates back to the 13th Century, so city planning was probably not a big priority.
What a great place! It would be perfect for a quiet, lazy weekend in a B&B.  

After an ice cream cone and making TE pinkie swear that he would bring me back someday,
we left Polperro and headed to Penzance (as in Pirates of the Penzance.)

It was late when we got there and we were pretty tired.  We had a nice dinner and turned in early. 
We didn't really spend much time exploring, but it looks like it has a lot to offer. 
We stayed at The Glencree House which was awesome. I would highly recommend it. 
(Can you believe this was only our 2nd night of this road trip?)

We saw some of the most amazing sights on our little road trip,
but this was still the best part. 

Spending time with my daughter.

Guess where we were off to the next day?

Here's a little hint...

Oh. Em. Gee.  Does that not take your breath away?  Magic, I tell you.  



  1. This is in England?? I never imagined it would look so beautiful. I need to get out of London more often apparently.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time, I love Cornwall


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