Thursday, April 26, 2012

Proost! Eet Smakelijk! Amsterdam!

(Disclosure: I'm going to try to get through this whole blog without using the word "nummy".)

One of the best things about traveling is the wonderful, new dining experiences.  

We aren't big foodies, so probably don't do enough research to find the best places to eat.  We just kind of go with the flow.

But, we do know when we find something that tastes great.
There were several things on our list of must try
while we were in Amsterdam...

Frites with Mayo


Indonesian Food

Ollebollen (donuts)

Appeltaart (apple pie)

I actually got my frites with ketchup.  I'm a wuss.

Can you believe the size of that pancake?  It had bacon & cheese in it.
I ate less than half but it was go-ood!

We were also lucky enough to stumble upon a terrific little restaurant that I can't recommend enough.
We even went back for dinner on a second night.

Kop Van Jut was around the corner from the hotel and they had THE BEST FOOD!!

The Indonesian chicken with peanut sauce was 
rich a tasty.
The lemon sole was light and lovely.
The steak was tender and perfect.
The baked cheese served with bread was
earthy and rustic.
The french fries were PERFECT.
I want to go back now!

The staff was so friendly and helpful.  They have their own craft brew that TE enjoyed. 
It seems to be pretty popular with the locals, too.  

Classic Amsterdam architecture, it's probably 10 feet wide.
Be careful visiting the bathrooms.  That spiral staircase is like a fire pole with a few steps to help out.  
How the waitresses run up and down all day, I don't know.

There was also a carnival in the middle of Dam Square.  It was surreal to see a fair like you'd see in any southern town in the middle of these 17th Century buildings.  
But, who can resist fair food?  Especially when it's Dutch fair food. 

And we certainly can't leave out the wonderful beverage options in Amsterdam.
TE has worked in the Drinks Industry
 and I'm, well... I'm a devoted customer of the industry,
so we considered it our duty, really, to visit both the
Heineken Experience and the House of Bols.

We realize they are just
interactive commercials for the products,but they are both great fun with a few drinks thrown in
for the price of admission.

Everything is in English.
Huh, wonder who their target market is?

Me, apparently.
I'd forgotten how good a cold Heineken tastes. 

Bols produces flavored liquors and Genever, 
which is a juniper-flavored liquor from the 
Netherlands and Belgium, which eventually evolved into Gin.  

We got to smell all 36 flavors of liquor 
and visit the bar at the end to taste a few of our favorites
and have a cocktail.  

It was a great way to spend a few hours.  

Old habits die hard and while in Amsterdam we couldn't resist a few of our old stand by meals...

A full English breakfast for TE and a good ol' American hot dog for me.  Don't judge. 

And, if all else fails,  there's always this place...

I bet it's pretty popular with the Amsterdam Coffee Shop crowd.  (wink, wink)

I still have a few more posts about our weekend planned.
There's just so much to share.  Thanks for joining in on the fun!!

Cheers from Amsterdam!!


As always, all the pictures are taken by me or the hubby.  And no sponsors were involved in this post.  (I wish!)


  1. Looks like you had a blast! DonnaT

  2. That was a great post...I've enjoyed all your posts about Amsterdam - better info (and photos) than most guidebooks!

  3. Amsterdam sounds more and more awesome the more I hear about it. Your post has just made me want to go even more.

  4. Amsterdam sounds yummy :D love the pics and you should do a separate post on Heineken experience ;) I would be interested!


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