Sunday, April 15, 2012

What a Mess!

A few weeks ago at Covent Garden, we shared a traditional British dessert called Eton Mess.
Say it with me, folks.   "It was... Nummy!"

And by "shared" I mean I grabbed on to the cup, snapped the 2nd spoon in half, hunched over in a corner
and scarfed up the lovely, strawberry goodness...
periodically snarling at Matt when he asked for a bite.  

 According to Wikipedia, Eton Mess was served at Eton College cricket games back in the 30's.
It's a combination of meringue, strawberries and cream.  

On Easter, we decided to make our own version of Eton Mess.  

 If you Google it, there are tons of recipes.
Some get all fancy and include vanilla, pomegranate juice, port or ice cream, among other things.
We kept our version very simple.  

I sliced up some strawberries
and covered them in granulated sugar.  

Then stirred it up and let it set
in the fridge for an hour or so
to get nice and syrupy. 

I was lazy smart and purchased the two strawberry meringues from Carluccio's around the corner. 

Rumor has it that you can actually make these lovelies at home from scratch!  
Pfft.  But, I'm not buyin' it.

These are hard meringues,
 versus the soft meringue mom whips up at home to put on top of pies.

They are baked and crunchy and dee-lish
with some soft, gooey goodness goin' on in the middle.

We mixed everything together...

 added a little bit of cream and there you have it.  Eton Mess

I was making noises with each bite and Matt had three servings, 
so I think it was a success.  

We finished it off for breakfast the next morning.

 It was a wonderful Easter treat and we will be perfecting our recipe in the future.

I am certainly no foodie blogger,
but I wanted to share this special English treat that is Eton Mess.

Are you going to try it?



  1. a) yum!
    b) you can make meringues! it's not too hard, but an electric whip helps :)
    c) I love your nails!

  2. I love Eton Mess! such a wonderful classic dish. Gorgeous strawberries, btw.

  3. YUM!! That looks awesome! I'm terrible at making meringues, but it looks like if it turns out messy, you just crumble it up with sugar and strawberries anyway ... perfect. Thanks for sharing, Eton Mess doesn't seem to be a 'thing' up in my area so I haven't seen it yet.

  4. i need some of this NOW. this looks incredible!!!!

  5. That looks soooo good! This is what we Australian's call pavlova, but we don't smash up the meringue, it kind of smashes up when you eat it anyway. It looks like I might just have to try Eton mess sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Well I know what I'm making for dinner (oops I mean dessert) tomorrow night! Came over from Sara in le Petit Village, nice to meet you!

    1. Used Nutella meringue, wow. Easy. Fast. My French dinner guests were impressed. You rock, thanks for the recipe!

  7. oh yes :D though I may try the Nutella version proposed by Liene too :D

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