Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brussels Deserves an Overnighter

On the way home from Amsterdam, we transferred trains in Brussels.  Why not spend a few hours exploring?  I'm glad we did, because Brussels is wonderful.  But, we were so tired and didn't really have enough time to relax and enjoy.  Not to mention the EuroStar station is a 20 minute not-so-scenic walk from the city center. 

But, when we walked out into the Grand Place, which is a huge cobblestone square, it took my breath away.  I had a moment, in spite of being exhausted.  I can't even describe the architecture.  

I think Brussels would be perfect for a relaxed, romantic one or two night getaway.  It's only a few hours from London on the Eurostar.  I would suggest you splurge on a really nice hotel, stroll the streets in the evenings in search of a wonderful meal, relax and enjoy.  (TE, if you're reading this, that's a subtle hint just for you.)

I really love seeing how each European city we visit has it's very own style and character.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  They are some of my favorites.  I took all the of them with the Nikon D90.






  1. First of all - amazing photos, you've got a good eye!
    I've been to Brussels with friends and also on a romantic get away. There is so much to do and the transport system is fantastic so you can get around with ease.
    I agree it's lovely to go all out and go for a lush hotel and stay somewhere central as there is so much on at night it's nice to be able to walk around!
    Hope you get a chance to go back again for a long weekend xx

  2. Wowee! I imagine window cleaners would have no end of employment in the Central Square alone!

    Gorgeous photos and always terrific to get insider's tips when traveling.

    Happy day!

  3. What beautiful photos! I definitely want to go up to Brussels one day soon, hopefully for a weekend. We'll see how driving goes and might even drive up!


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