Friday, April 20, 2012

I Spy Friday featuring Le Petit Village

Since we are off on an adventure this weekend, I thought I'd give you a special treat. 

I Spy Friday will feature a fellow expat/blogger, Sara in Le Petit Village.
Be sure to check out her blog.  It's one of my favorites. 

She is a Texas girl and she so gets my Tex-Mex cravings.  She lives with her French hubby in a beautiful... well, I'll just let her tell you.  

 I'll be back next week with tons of pictures from Amsterdam and Brussels. 


Bonjour! Je m'appelle Sara Louise et bienvenue à Le Petit Village (don't worry, that's my French for the day). I live here in a tiny village in the Luberon mountains in Provence, with my French husband, and this is what I spy while I'm out walking my French dog.

This used to be a mill during the middle ages. It's about twenty feet from my front door and I'm pretty sure it's haunted (it looks creepy doesn't it?) so I usually pick up the pace while walking by.

And here's a view from Le Petit Village. We sit 910 meters/ 2985 feet up and the mountains you see in the very back of that photo are the Italian Alps.

This is a little rock formation that one of the women in the village made. You can see them dotted all along the outskirts of Le Petit Village. I have no idea why she plays Jenga with rocks, but there are loads of them.

Every village in France has a war memorial to honor the locals who have fallen in battle, and this is Le Petit Village's.

After I pass the memorial, I turn left into the old village. Inside Le Petit Village is a fortified village (like a mini Avignon) from the middle ages where people still live.

There is also an old priory, that a friend of mine's mother recently bought... to live in!

And the priory property came with the ruins of this old chapel next door.

Outside of the old village sits Le Petit Bar and on the wall hangs this sign. I find it funny because I'm pretty sure none of the local customers get the joke.

On the way home, we bumped into one of my dog's friends, Nini, so I let them play for awhile...

until I spied these caterpillars traveling around and scared the dogs would disturb their caterpillar parade (i.e; crush them), moved the dogs to my terrace instead...

but then I spied this snail going about his slimy way, and not wanting my dog to have escargot for lunch, we headed inside and shut the door on Le Petit Village.


  1. Thanks for having me Selena! Have a fantastic time in Amsterdam and Brussels. Bon weekend!

  2. Thanks for the tour, Sara!
    Is that Priory becoming a B&B? That would be cool!

  3. Very beautiful! And my favourite place to visit is the Sud de I have a quest to find l petit village! And what a great way to find your blog Selena :)

  4. Congrats on a great guest blog post, Sara! It's nice to see The LPV through your eyes!

    And totes, I'm sure you're the only one who gets the beer joke! he he he...of course I zero in on that.

  5. haha what a fun adventure through le petit village ---- umm the caterpillars look massive (not as massive as palmetto bugs, but still) and yucky. And that bar sign is HILARIOUS! I love it.

  6. those caterpillars can sting can't they? you saved the dogs you wonderful doggy mamma. and you've got to ask about the rock towers. that's creepy, haunted french voodoo.
    aidan xo

  7. Love Sarah and her petit village, wouldn't we all love to live somewhere so beautiful? I'm also a Texas expat :)


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