Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do you know what I hate?

So, we are in the driveway loading a few things on my brother's truck.  Nosy neighbor comes out to "take out the trash" and by that I mean "get the scoop." 

Neighbor (speaking through the cig in her mouth):  Ya'll movin'?

Matt: Yes

Neighbor:  Oh, yeah?  Where to?

Me:  London. 

Neighbor:  Cold.     

Neighbor:  Wet.     

Neighbor:  Dreary.  

Me:   Have you been there?

Neighbor:  I'm from Europe.    Small appliances. 

Me:  I'm really excited.

Neighbor:  Small houses.

This is where I walk away and leave Matt to the "small" talk.   

This happens all the time and makes me crazy.  I know it rains in England.  I realize that they have four seasons and weather variations.  I realize that the typical London flat is small and has small appliances.  I realize that they speak English but in an odd way.  I realize that it's really far away.  I know they drive on the wrong side of the road.  I know that I won't get ice in my drinks. 

I appreciate your attempt to inform and advise, Nosy Neighbor, but seriously? This is me rolling my eyes.  



  1. Now you know how Madonna felt when she married Guy Ritchie and moved to England. And they even accused her of later speaking with an English accent.

    Sure it rains, but it falls mostly in the plains or was that the Thames.

  2. Hey Selena,
    I've been following your blog :)
    Just in case you have a problem with their language, I have an English-American 'dictionary' on the sidebar of my blog. It was put there as a joke that started with the word mat-coaster, and it just kind of went on from there. One of my English blogger friends said it was pathetic that she was waking up in the middle of the night thinking of words for my dictionary!
    Enjoy your move. We'll be moving too....someday. We're building our own house. It's crazy...building your own house.

    Cindy Bee

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