Monday, December 26, 2011

How do you eat an elephant?

I’ve moved many times, so I’m not too overwhelmed by a relocation.  I see it as a chance to clean out the closets.  But this move is a whole different animal.  Once we made “the decision” and set the ball rolling, every day has involved a new item to complete and mark off of the mental checklist.   And each of those items involves 20+ steps. 

It started with giving notice at work and applying for my Spouse’s Visa.  It has progressed to sorting everything down to the last paperclip into piles for packing, shipping, tossing, giving or storing.  Selling the vehicles, listing the house, booking tickets, movers and storage units... the list seems endless.  And all of this while testing for the CPA exam and celebrating the holidays.  When I step back it does look overwhelming but I’m amazed how everything has come together (with a few glitches).   

I think Matt and I work pretty well together.  However, his packing method and mine are very different.  He packs a box like a Tetris game, assigns said box a number with a black sharpie and makes a list of the items included, which is then copied and filed.   I just toss the stuff in, tape it closed before it explodes and label it “stuff” with a tube of lipstick.  The solution to this is that we just don’t pack together… problem solved. 

Moving has been cited as one of the most stressful events in a marriage.  But, I’ve never felt closer to Matt.  Each day we accomplish the tasks for the day and make plans for the next phase.  And here we are, less than 10 days to go.  Everything is on schedule and we feel pretty good about what still needs to be done. 

When I first started saying aloud “I’m moving to London”, it felt so weird.  I said it with a perplexed look on my face and my inflection would go up at the end as if it was a question.   But, now the fact has sunk in… I’m moving to London.  And with that has also come the realization of what that means.   I’m extremely excited about what the future holds in England.  But every day includes another goodbye, some simple and some that are physically painful.  

Focusing on the logistics of the move and the things that I can control is often the solution to those moments of panic when I realize what I will be leaving behind.   There just aren’t any words to explain how that feels. 

So, we are eating the elephant the only way that you can… one bite at a time.   How does it taste?  Bittersweet.  


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