Thursday, December 15, 2011

He said, she said.

She:  "Honey, for Christmas I want one of those A to Z Guides of London.  All the blogs say you have to have one if you're gonna live in London."

He:  "Yes, dahling.  But, it's pronounced A to Zed, not A to Z."

She:  "No it's not."

He:  "Yes, it is.  X... Y... Zed."

She:  "But, that's not even a letter.  It's a word." 

He:  "It's a letter.  Zed."

She:  "But you have to spell it.  Z... E...D."

He:  "It's Zed."

She:  "Whatever."

He:  "Would you like a cuppa tea, dahling?"

She:  "No."

He:  "You know they won't let you in if you keep this up."


  1. You two are funny! I'll pray for you!! ;)

  2. The other day I had to spell my name over the phone (I go by Betsy but I'm really Elizabeth) and I said: eee, el, eye, zed - and then I was so started that I had said "zed" that I couldn't think what came next! So embarrassing haha

  3. Betsy,
    Thanks for following me :D I'm loving your blog!!! Lot's of great info for a future expat. Thanks so much!


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