Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog...

Recently, I've been reading all of the American Expat in London blogs that I can find.  I don't like to go into a new situation blind and they've helped me to gain an idea of what to expect.

Like the blogger, each blog has it's own personality: mommy blogger, foodie blogger, travel writer, daily journal, anonymous commentary, student blogger, and many more.  I've always wanted to blog and have had one false start.  But decided that I would try again. 

The main purpose is to stay in touch with family and friends.  I'm hoping that by sharing our journey, I won't be out of sight and out of mind.  It will also serve as a personal journal, travelogue and scrapbook for us.  It's unlikely that I will discuss politics or religion and I'll try not to share too much of the mundane.  And if another finds themselves in my position and can get some encouragement from my journey, even better. 

I now have some very specific, preconceived notions about living in England and I'm curious to see how they actually pan out.  All of the research in the world is not as valuable as actual experience.  I will list a few of them here and then revisit them in a few months, to see how the reality compares to the perception. 

1.  Weather is always 1st in the UK and it appears that discussing the weather is a national pastime.   It rains in England.  I know this because, my DH reminds me on a daily basis.  My actual 10 day experience in England, does not mesh with this concept as we had two mornings with light showers and sunshine the rest of the time.  Counting the hours of daylight in each day also seems to be important.  (I'm convinced that it rains Skittles in Ireland.)

2.  There is a lot of discussion on the expat blogs about what you can and can't get in the UK, what things you should bring with you and what things you will miss.  Hence, my future shopping trip to load up on my favorite deodorant and taco seasoning and the reason I've had Tex-Mex for 8 out of the past 10 meals.     

3.  Another perception that seems to be shared by everyone outside of the UK, is that the food is bland and boring.  I will admit that I missed fresh lettuce while visiting the English countryside and at one point found myself eating a garnish in desperation.  But how can a country that produced Nigella, Jamie and Gordon produce only bland food?  I'm looking forward to testing this one. 

In a few months, I'll take another look at these things and see how my perceptions change in the face of reality.  Thank you to the bloggers that have been inspiring, entertaining and encouraging me.  



  1. My travels to England (mostly around London and Southern England)tell me that it really doesn't rain as much as we "Yanks" think it does. I think I have probably spent a grand total of 2 months in the UK, if you add up all of my trips, and was rained on for maybe 4 days... showers in the morning or late afternoon, but no all day rain.

    I will agree with #2 completely, especially the Tex-Mex meals :) .... but seriously, there are things you will miss, but I know there are things that you will only get there that I wouldn't mind getting here once in a while.

    As for the food. I think that "bland food" was something that the US Soldiers brought back with them from WWII. Like here in the US, certain things were rationed, food stuffs being one of them. Unlike the US, the British Isles wouldn't be able to keep up with needs of the military/war effort AND keep their citizens in salt, pepper, and other spices (just a thought - I could be WAY off base there).

    My last trip to London was 6 years ago, and I tell you I had some of the best food there I have ever had anywhere. There are a wide variety of ethnic cultures there, and I am certain you will find something to your liking - just stay away from the Mexican "food"... just sayin'.

    David M.

  2. Definitely blog! I am so glad I have my blog from my time in London, I love rereading it - and seeing how I changed in my years there!

  3. Do blog! It's an incredible way to look back - as exciting as this time is, you might not remember everything because of the haze of the new. Blogging is a great way to keep a scrapbook, if you will, plus to connect with other people!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Betsy & Andrea. Your blogs definitely inspired me. :D I'm really enjoying it so far!! David, you & your lovely wife are welcome for a visit anytime! Stay in touch.

  5. The food here is great!! Truly. The Tex-Mex is awful. Truly.


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