Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Those Grandbabies of mine!

Like most bloggers, I'm trying to get this blog buzzin' again for the new year.  I still have several trips to write about so I've been editing photos and planning posts.  Of course, I'm working on one of those What We Did last Year and What We Wanna Do This Year posts.  It just has to be done.  But, first I just have to tell you about my two sweet grandbabies!  I was so excited to become a grandma (or Gigi as I'm called) but I mean... I had no idea the piercing love that I would have for these little nuggets.  It's indescribable, really.  So let me show off some photos from my recent visit and tell you just a little bit about them both. 

This is Michael and he turned one in August.  The last time I saw him he was just three months old, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on him.  They grow so fast and he was changing so much.  He is just magical.  Look at that face!

I was so afraid that he wouldn't know me, but those regular chats on FaceTime worked.  As soon as he saw me he gave me a huge smile and came right to me. 

I was immediately a goner.  He is just the most delightful boy!  We sat right down and started playing.  We didn't stop for the six weeks I was there.  It was exhausting and wonderful!  He is inquisitive and smart and sweet.  He looks at me with those blue eyes and anything he wants is his. 

He is a happy and healthy baby.  You can constantly see the wheels turning.  He is always thinking and trying to figure things out.  That smile lights up a room.  He is pure joy.  I know I'm gushing but I just can't help it.

He is so busy and keeps his Momma on her toes.  He's not quite talking but definitely can communicate exactly what he wants.  It's so much fun to see Jessica as a Mommy.  It's a role she was born for.  She is a wonderful mother.

When I arrived in November she was 8 months pregnant with baby number two and was pretty tired, as you can imagine.   We would talk to little Michael about Alex and he would pat her tummy or lay is head on her belly.  So stinkin' cute!!!!

Little Alex was due mid-December, but for a variety of reasons we anticipated him a bit earlier.  And sure enough, a few days before Thanksgiving, Little Alex made his appearance into the world.  Grandbaby number 2!

This delivery was very different from Michael's delivery.  It was the same doctor and they were prepared for any signs of maternal hemorrhaging.

It was a long labor like last time, but thankfully, no complications.  (Other than me being a basket case.  I was so frightened.  Jessica and Johnny were rock stars.)  Little Alex was just over 6 lbs and perfectly healthy.  They went home the very next day.

He's such a mellow little baby.  He's content to just sleep and eat. As the weeks went on he would spend more time awake and looking around.  We can already tell that he will be a calm little guy.  Although Jessica tells me that he has his days and nights mixed up lately and the two boys never seem to be asleep at the same time.

So now my sweet daughter is taking care of a 1 year old and a newborn.  I don't think she's had a good night's sleep in months.  She is always busy.  She is sleep deprived and exhausted.  The demands on her time are incredible.  I honestly don't know how she does it.  Getting them out of the house by herself is a feat.   

But, oh how lucky she is to spend her days taking care of these precious boys.  I was so blessed to have six weeks getting to know them both a little better.  Holding them is pure heaven and I couldn't get enough.

My favorite time with Michael was right before nap time.  He would sit still for a bit of a cuddle and let me read to him. He would pop one thumb into his mouth and hold his ear with the other, rubbing his sleepy eyes every once in awhile.  Then a quick diaper change followed by the Diaper Dance (a little jig on the changing table) and then he would jump into my arms and lay his head on my shoulder.  Lights off and lullaby on.

I would hold him and rub his back, standing and swaying.  He would pat my arm with his chubby little hand.  I would declare my love and he would snuggle in closer.  Then I would reluctantly lower him into his crib and leave the room when all I really wanted to do was climb in with him. He has completely stolen my heart and I'm madly in love with this little man.

Matt was scheduled to join me in mid-december.  Because of a family illness we weren't sure he was going to be able to make the trip.  We're so happy and thankful that everything turned out okay.  He was also able to spend some time getting to know little Michael and Alex.  I think it's safe to say that he is also smitten.

I so love being their Gigi!!  I can't wait to see them grow up together as best friends and brothers.  Michael loves to give little Alex kisses.  He's also decided that anything Alex has, blanket or binkie, he must now have.  Jessica has her hands full. Lucky girl!

There is just nothing like it.  I wrote in a previous post...  "I can't even put into words what it feels like to be a grandma.  It's like my child Jessica is the most perfect prism.  My pure white love shines straight into her.  My love for Michael is the bright multi-colored light that shines from that prism.   It's all brightness and light and I feel it in my core."  That's as close as I can describe it and now there are two beams of beautiful light shining through.  I can not wait to see them all again! 

I think I need some FaceTime.  Sniff. 

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