Friday, January 13, 2017

Christmas with the Grandbabies

Yep, I'm going to be one of those grandmas.  Because the  39 photos that you saw in my last post just weren't enough, I have a whole bunch more.  I realize that most of you might have little interest, so I promise to get back to more bloggy stuff next week.  But, for today it's Christmas with the grandbabies. 

When Jessica was growing up, Christmas was so much fun! There was the one year that I collected Beanie Babies for the whole year.  She woke up to a trail of them from her bed to the tree and they were all over the place.  She has a 3ft stocking that was always full and we always went a bit overboard with the presents.  But as gift-giving is one of my Love Languages it was as much fun for me as it was for her. 

I still love to buy her gifts, but having little ones in the family again is so wonderful!  Jessica grew up with several traditions that she is now sharing with her boys.  Like Christmas PJs to open on Christmas Eve which makes Christmas morning pictures much more festive. 

Jessica also got a new ornament every year and still does.  I've now started doing that for the boys.  I buy them a new ornament and buy the same one for me.  That way I can have them on my tree, too. 

I couldn't resist giving Michael a few gifts before the holidays. The first few things I bought involved lots of pieces, so many blocks.  I quickly learned that these equate to lots of bending over to pick them up or stepping on them as they're scattered all over the house. I waited until Matt arrived so that we could do the Christmas shopping together. 

Our new criteria was gifts with only a few parts that they are certain to actually play with.  I also steered away from noisy toys.  Well, kind of.  Actually that's not true at all.  Most everything makes noise and the noisy popcorn popper push thingy was a particular hit.  It was so much fun to see him enjoying everything.  

Michael is a bit too young to know exactly what's going on, but he quickly got into the spirit.  He loved all of his toys and loved having all of the family gathered around.  So many people to spoil him and play with him and feed him and cuddle him.  Alex mostly slept all day and I don't think he was put down at all. 

They were both wore out by the end of the day as were all of the adults.  It was a precious day.  Every moment we spend with them is precious.  I'm kinda lovin' this Gigi thing, in case you couldn't tell.  Just think, next year they will be 2 and 1 and it will be all sorts of festive and fun!  I did take pictures of the whole family, but as they didn't have on new Christmas PJs they preferred that I didn't share them.  So instead you get these sweet nuggets!  

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