Monday, July 28, 2014

Date Night at Thistle Marble Arch

You've gotta love a good date night, right?
Any excuse to get a new dress and new shoes,
get all dolled up and excited for the night to begin.
I'll never get too old for that.

Matt and I had The Best Date Night Ever a few weeks ago.
He scored an invite to one of London’s biggest social events,
the Serpentine Gallery’s Summer Party.

Serpentine Summer Party, London

For one night and one night only, we got to rub shoulders with the fabulous and famous.
I was trying so hard to be calm, but I might have squealed once.  Okay, twice.

There was plenty of paparazzi but no one else had their cell phones out,
so I didn’t dare take many Instagram photos.  But, oh, how I wanted to.

Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley, Cara Delevinge.
Apparently, Orlando Bloom was wandering around, but I couldn’t find him.
And I tried, believe me, I tried.

Matt made me promise that I wouldn’t go up and lick Bradley Cooper.  As. If. 
Actually, I was tempted, but I managed to play it cool.
(Well, as cool as this middle-aged hot mess from Texas can.)

Oh, and the princesses.   Beatrice and Eugenie were there.
Beatrice looked especially lovely, just like a princess should look.
A gorgeous white, organza dress and lilac heels. Absolutely gorgeous.
I didn't curtsy, but I might have pointed.  Accidentally.  With my pinky finger, but still.
How I didn't get escorted out of there, I'll never know.

It was pretty surreal and an absolute blast.
Standing three feet from people that you only read about in People magazine was crazy.
We both felt just a tad bit out of place.  I don’t think I could live in that world,
but it was sure fun to pretend for the night.

After a late night stop at the famous Bouji’s nightclub
(really a good thing I took the next morning off),
we certainly didn’t want to go all the way home.
Luckily, we were staying local that night.

In true celebrity fashion, we stayed at a fancy hotel in the heart of London,
the Thistle Marble Arch.

Thistle Marble Arch, London

 The party was on a work day so I skived off early and took my overnight bag
over to Oxford Street to check into the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel.
It’s just at the corner of Oxford Street, Hyde Park and Marble Arch,
two minutes from the tube station.  The perfect location in the heart of London.

Thistle Marble Arch, London

The four-star hotel is grand and gorgeous.
I checked in smoothly and headed up to our room for the night.
Traveling around Europe, you get used to tiny rooms, but this one was massive.

Thistle Marble Arch, London

Thistle Marble Arch, London

Thistle Marble Arch, London

  Air conditioning and free wifi, of course, not to mention a fancy coffee machine.
We were in an Executive King room. I was greeted with a basket of fruit and a bottle of wine.
A lovely welcome to the hotel which was a very nice touch for a special date night.

Thistle Marble Arch, London

 I quickly dug into the fresh pineapple but left the red wine for Matt. 
The room was massive with a fluffy, white bed and a seating area.
All the terrific extra stuff, a tea and coffee tray, iron and ironing board, hairdryer, toiletries,
even a comfy white robe and slippers.  

Thistle Marble Arch, London

Thistle Marble Arch, London
 Not to mention, a mirror with a plug right next to it which I was most thrilled about.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to straighten my hair and the nearest mirror
was on the other side of the room. Hotel pet peeve of mine.

I planned to slip into that robe as I prepped for our date,
but first I was eager to go for an explore. 
 I was particularly interested in checking out the complimentary lounge
that is available when you book an executive room.

Thistle Marble Arch, London

Thistle Marble Arch, London

 With my special swipe card in hand, I made my way to the lounge.
Wine, beer, champagne, drinks and snacks.  Yes, please.  

Even a special concierge in case we needed any assistance with our London plans. 
It would have been rude not to sit down and have some nibbles and a glass of wine.

Obviously I had to text a photo to Matt who was not yet off work.
Just a little encouragement that we needed to get this date night started. 

Thistle Marble Arch, London

Thistle Marble Arch, London

I spent a bit more time exploring and taking photos of the hotel,
before sitting down in the Marmor Grill.
 I figured it would be prudent to eat something before a night of champagne and cocktails.
Thistle Marble Arch, London

Thistle Marble Arch, London

Thistle Marble Arch, London
I made a mental note to return to try out their afternoon tea. 
They had the sweetest tables set up.  I love the tea service.

Thistle Marble Arch, London

Matt appeared shortly, spurred on by my text and we enjoyed a light dinner.
Then back to the room to prepare for the big night out.
Matt was done quickly so I sent him off to the lounge while I finished getting ready. 

I love the blue dress that I got, such a great color.
Love my shoes, same cobalt blue on the strap and 
just a touch of leopard print for a bit of sass.
You can take the girl out of Texas...

Thistle Marble Arch, London

 A gin & tonic at the Glenn Miller Bar before the doorman hailed us a cab
and we were on our way for date night!

Then this happened.
Sing it with me...


Maybe we’ll get to do it again next year.  
And this time, I'm not making any promises.
 Fair warning, Bradley Cooper. 

What makes the perfect date night for you and your love?


Our accommodation at Thistle Marble Arch was complimentary for the purposes of review.  All photos, writing and opinions are my own.   
As always, I promise to be open, honest and transparent with my readers. 
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  


  1. ...It all sounds (and looks) so glamorous!!...Perhaps someday I'll have the pleasure of joining the high society-types!!...

  2. That does sound like a perfect data night! Although I'm afraid I would completely forget about my date once I spot Bradley Cooper :-)

  3. How fun!! I would rather star-struck myself!

  4. What fun. The cobalt dress is fabulous. I'd have loved to see Beatrice and Eugenie in Canadians are a bit royal obsessed...well, some of us!

  5. I am the worst about pointing at non interesting things so at that I would of had to tape my arms down!

  6. This sounds so awesome! I totally wouldn't have been able to play it cool either.

  7. Hahaha, that image of you licking Bradley Cooper! Especially in his current state of incredible buffness. Priceless. What fun and what a gorgeous dress!

  8. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)July 30, 2014 at 2:55 PM

    What an exciting date night - that's a hard one to beat huh?! But I would have totally melted if I saw Bradley Cooper so probably wouldn't have been able to blog about it :D


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