Sunday, July 20, 2014

Instagram Update

You know how when life gets busy and you're spinning a few more plates then normal?
How do you react?  I always feel a bit untethered and disconnected.

That's how I'm feeling about now.  There is nothing major going on.
(Don't worry, Mom.)  Just life stuff, a few things up in the air.

I thought I'd give you a little instagram update on what's going on around here
on a more personal level.  I miss connecting with you.

1//  I'm still struggling with balancing the blog with full-time work.  I made a commitment about a year ago that I would respond to every comment that you leave me and I hate that I'm so behind on that.  I hope you know that I read and appreciate every comment.  I will get caught up soon and I'm still committed to responding to each one.   As always, thanks so much for reading and commenting.

2//  Thank you to those of you who voted for me in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards. I went to the awards ceremony and it was great to catch up with some fellow bloggers. Congratulations to Gretta for taking home the award!  Well-deserved, my friend.  

3//  My job is in such a great area of London.  Taking my lunch and a book to a local church yard is a great way to break up the day.  Speaking of work, I've been there four months now and I love it.  I really respect the organization and enjoy my coworkers.  However, that's one of the things that is still up in the air. I'm currently on a six month contract and it hasn't been decided yet  if they are going to retain my position or not.  So, the thought of finding a new job is one of the additional plates that I'm spinning.

4//  Achilles tendinopathy was the final diagnosis, and my foot is feeling much better.  The physiotherapy helped immensely. As long I do my stretches and exercises, things are good.  Wearing tennis shoes (trainers) with work dresses isn't the best look.  But, I can get away with it in London.  With a three hour commute each day, usually spent standing up, shoes are pretty important.  Ballet flats just don't cut it. 

5//  That crazy commute is soon to be a thing of the past.  One of those other spinning plates is an upcoming move.  Blackheath is lovely, but we are just too far out.  The commute is cumbersome and exhausting at it's worst.  It keeps us from getting out to enjoy London as much as we would like.  So, it's back to central London for us.  We went flat hunting yesterday and saw a few possibilities.  Then our wonderful agent (Jack at Drake Lettings) squeezed in one last viewing before running off to his next appointment.  Let's just say that I might have shed a tear.  After convincing Matt that a quick decision is sometimes just the best way to go, we made an offer.  Fingers crossed!  If we get it, I can't wait to tell you more about it. 

6//   We did spend a few hours considering, discussing and exploring the area before making the offer.  And what better way to do that then a pub crawl around the neighborhood.  We found some really good candidates for our new local.  But then we found a pub with air conditioning!!!  Considering the heat wave that is baking London currently, that might have been the deciding factor.  I love London and I miss the warmth of Texas, but London at 86 degrees is a challenge considering AC is nearly non-existent and personal space is limited.

7//  I really don't want to complain too much about the heat.  It's been a nice change and we are really enjoying a London summer. We've been to some fun events with Matt's work.  He works with such a great group of people.  We attended a Bumpkin Summer Garden Party and also an A-list event at the Serpentine Gallery where there was a lot of celebrity spotting.  I was mingling with actors, models and was within a few feet of two princesses.  It was definitely a "how did I get here" moment.  I'll tell you a little more about it in a future post.

8//  We celebrated the fourth of July complete with s'mores and a campfire.  We have made some amazing friends here in London.  I feel so very blessed to have these people in my life.  They are wonderful, intelligent, creative and so much fun, from all walks of life and different countries.  I miss my family and friends from home every second of every day.  I'm so lucky to have friends who know exactly how that feels.  They make life in London so special.

8//  It looks like I'll be seeing family and friends back home very soon.  My Sugar Bear is getting married!  I know, can you believe it?  I haven't met him yet, but he seems like a terrific young man and I've never seen Jessica happier.  So a wedding is in the plans for early next year.  I might have to make a trip home before then to help with plans and meet this guy in person.    

9//  Some might say this is all moving fast, but I can't say a word.  I don't have a leg to stand on since I knew after the first day that Matt was the one for me.  We were married three months later and I love the life that we're building together.  There is no one I'd rather be spinning plates with.  Luckily, it's not all plate spinning.  We have two upcoming trips planned, a city break in Germany this month and a long weekend in Mallorca next month.  I can't wait.  Of course, Instagram will be involved if you want to follow along. 

So, that's what's up with the Jones lately.

What's up with you??  Spinning any plates?  Any big news?


  1. All such exciting things going on! My parents did not meet Fredrik till we had already been living together for two months and I was so nervous!

  2. I have nothing to complain about as I have no job, but we have been gone a bit too much lately, so we are looking forward to four weekends at home next month! But then it's back to travel travel travel again afterward. Again, not complaining :) I like your IG update post! I should def do that because I am lacking the motivation to write right now :(

  3. Selena, if you're stuck with your contract, give me a shout, as I have a few agencies contacting me at the moment for your line of work so would be happy to send over their details.

    Otherwise, it sounds like you're having a wonderful summer! Hopefully we can catch up soon x


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