Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales

Swinging on a porch in the Smokey Mountains. 
Floating down the Guadalupe River on a hot,Texas day.
Walking through a field of bluebonnets. 
Wiggling your toes in the white sand and crystal, clear water of Caribbean beach.  

There are just certain places where you feel more connected and "clicked in" to the world around you.
This island is full of places like that.  The colors, sounds and smells are like a big cuddle with nature.  I've mentioned before it's like a big green and blue fluffy quilt that I just want to wrap around me.  I can't get enough.  

Our last stop in Yorkshire was the grand, old ruins of Bolton Abbey
and this is another one of those places. 



Acres of green, a babbling river, miles of footpaths, majestic ruins of the priory all in the "heart of the Yorkshire Dales."   We spent a few hours just exploring and taking pictures.
We will definitely be going back to Yorkshire for some more exploration.

What place would you like to wrap around you like a blanket?


  1. Oh, and the stepping stones were out! They disappear when the river's too high, so I'm glad you got to see them. We had a membership to Bolton Abbey and we used it so much!! It was one of my favorite places to take the dogs, since Max could wander around sniffing while Sloan played fetch in the river. It's such a beautiful property- you've got to go back and wander the Strid!
    LOVE your picture of the stepping stones, too!!

  2. We weren't brave enough to try them. But we spent a lot of time on the other bridge watching everyone else try. There was a sign to be careful as they were pretty wobbly and they haven't had a chance to make them more stable. There was one that was missing requiring quite a leap. Luckily, no one got dunked. Such a beautiful place. I bet your pups loved going there! xoxo

  3. I'm hooked now, too! Can't wait to get back.

  4. Great photos as usual. :) You really make me want to visit there.

  5. How I use to love roaming around Bolton Abbey growing up!

  6. It's a beautiful place and we didn't see most of it. Have you walked all of the trails? What else is there to see on the property? I can't wait to go back. 

  7. Thanks, Erin! It's a great place to just be quiet and explore. I wish we lived closer to Yorkshire. 


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