Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The NHS and a Hotel Recommendation

You know when you have everything mapped out perfectly and things don't go as planned?
I really hate that.  (Yes, I have control issues.)

I had planned to use the two weeks between the end of the job and our trip to get on a nice little schedule with blogging, running, housekeeping (seriously), exploring and such, 
only to be struck down by the plague (or as some might call it... the flu).

So then we get back from our trip and I was thrilled to move forward with that plan.
But, no.  Once again my plans were waylaid.  
This time by the alien trying to makes its way out of abdomen yesterday.
Excruciating pain and all the other stuff that goes with a stomach virus, food poisoning,
deadly Moroccan almonds, alien or whatever it was.

I had my first experience with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.
I really was in some serious pain and I had a similar experience about 18 months ago that resulted in a short hospital stay and no clear diagnosis.  The pain was becoming unbearable, so Matt called 111.

According to their website...

NHS 111 is the new three-digit telephone service that's being introduced to improve access to NHS urgent care services. Patients can use this number when they need medical help or advice and it's not urgent enough to call 999. NHS 111 operates 24/7, 365 days per year and is free to use from a landline and a mobile.

They were extremely helpful and compassionate. They asked questions about the various symptoms and because my pain level was so high advised that we see a doctor asap.  Our General Practitioner (GP) couldn't see me so they sent us to the the local Accident & Emergency department (A&E) which we call the ER.

The staff was extremely professional and kind. I didn't have to fill out a 10 page form or sign anything.  I was seen to relatively fast and given some medicine to destroy the alien ease the cramping.
They did some tests, ruled out anything serious and sent me on my way.
And we left without having to pay a penny (other than what we've already paid via our taxes).
I must say I was impressed.

And let me tell you, you can meet some really interesting characters at a central London A&E.
Police escorts and handcuffs were plentiful and this was 10am on a Tuesday.
The staff there must be remarkable and well-trained to deal with some really tough situations.

After about 12 hours of sleep, I'm feeling much better today.  Just some sore muscles.
And since I'm so happy to not need another overnight at the hospital, 
I'm going to share with you a wonderful hotel that I highly recommend if you do want an overnight in Yorkshire!

And that, my friends, has to be The Worst Segue EVER! But, I don't have any pictures related to the stomach bug (your welcome) and I need to get my York stuff posted so that I can post the Champagne District and Morocco trips.  And this place really is fantastic!



 The Wheatley Arms is in Ben Rhyyding, which is close to Ilkley, which is close to Leeds, which is in Yorkshire.  It's one of those places that you luck upon and you know that you will return to again and again.  

It's an adorable combination of traditional English and modern quirk.  The ground floor has various rooms, nooks, crannies and cozy fireplaces.  In one of those nooks, we spent about 5 hours chatting, laughing and having a wonderful dinner with Becky and her husband (from As a Yank in Yorkshire).  It felt like we were in one of our own living rooms just hanging out.  We never felt rushed to give up our table for the next seating.  And the food was wonderful!  Don't you love when you can get a really exceptional meal in a gorgeous, relaxed setting without any pretense?

Our room was adorable, pristine and roomy with all of the little touches that really make a place like this special.  They also have a fun schedule of activities, movie nights, classes, luncheons and more. AND they had American Pancakes with maple syrup and bacon for breakfast!!!  I so wish we lived closer. 

The Wheatley Arms is run by a company called Individual Inns and they have four other inns in the UK.  If they are anything like The Wheatley Arms, I'm sure they are worth a stay.

We booked the inn online and paid regular price and were not comped for the recommendation.
I thought I might send them a link and then figured they probably wouldn't 
appreciate being mentioned in a post that started off with a stomach virus.
(And I wonder why I rarely get PR requests.)
I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

 Have you had an experience with healthcare in another country?
What is your experience with the NHS?


  1. Glad your ok momma. i love the bunny on the door thing. lol

  2. Thanks, baby girl! I didn't have you to take care of me this time. But Matt did okay. Isn't the bunny cute? I miss you!!!

  3. yikes, I'm glad you're okay! the times I've been to A&E were a breeze (all things considered) too - it almost made me okay with paying so much in tax :)

  4. Thanks, Betsy. It really makes me wish for this for my daughter. She has been living without any medical coverage for over a year and doesn't qualify for any assistance. She has had so much stress because of her broken foot and it's going to cost her so much. Not just money, but sleepless nights and dealing with collection calls, etc. Not sure what the answer is in the US, but the current system certainly doesn't work for everyone. xoxo

  5. Oh no, hope you are feeling better! I had lots of experience with the NHS, having a baby in London, and it was...okay. Not great. Not horrible. Just okay. We also had private insurance (not for maternity though) and everything got done more quickly that way. But it is nice to have an option for everyone!

  6. I had the same level of care when I broke my wrist (which I seem to be speaking about a lot recently - touch wood for no repeat!) they were friendly, professional and so helpful!

  7. I'm glad you're okay and you had a decent experience with the NHS. I haven't had any experience with US healthcare yet, which is just as well because I don't have insurance. Luckily after our car accident we were both fine (except a bit dazed, as Betsy can attest to as I met her the next day!)

  8. So glad the car accident didn't require medical attention. We are registering with our GP's next week. I must say the NHS does certainly give me a level of comfort. I want to hear more about your day with Betsy (did I miss a post?). Two bloggers meet up, there has to be photos! xoxo


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