Friday, April 26, 2013

I Spy Friday

I'm happy to report that I had a normal week this week.
I'm starting to see a routine happen and I'm getting things done.  It seems that for three things that I check off my To Do List, I'm adding six.  But, things are getting accomplished.  And for the first time in my adult life, I actually have clothes hanging in my closet that have already been ironed!  (I know, right?)

I'm bringing back the I Spy Friday posts (again).   What is this?  Maybe my fourth restart?
Oh well, I like doing them.  It's basically just a post of random things I've done and seen over the past week.

The sun has arrived in London and suddenly it seems all sparkly and shiny.  And nothing makes me happier than just walking along the Thames on a weekend and indulging in a cheap glass of "pink" prosecco. London is the best place to people watch.

And now that the weather has finally turned warmer, Londoners are doing what I like to call "The Spring Plop."  Everyone goes out, finds the closest green spot and just plops down on the grass.  Add your favorite friends, your dog, some munchies and bottle of wine.  What could be better?  It's amazing how the mood has lifted in this city.  London and Springtime go together like peanut butter and jelly (or bangers and mash, for you Brits.) 

And I think we've found the smartest busker in London.  The Beach Captain is set up below the Thames path along the muddy shores of the South Bank.  He has 3-4 sheets and buckets set up and passersby stand along the edge of the walkway and toss down coins.  He even has his own Facebook page.  Genius, I tell you.  I asked Matt for a coin.  Then one more, then another.  And then, once I got the hang of it and started hearing that satisfying ting of coin hitting metal bowl, I made Matt empty out his change pocket.  He had to drag me away.  (He hates when I give change to buskers, but I always donate when I'm taking photographs.)

I didn't donate or even purchase when I took a photo of these adorable owl cookies biscuits at the Borough Market, but I did ask nicely if it was okay.  Aren't they sweet? 
Here is another picture I've been wanting to get...

Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station.   I just thought it was there along the wall, no big deal.  But now there are ropes around it and a line (queue) of  people waiting to get their photo taken with it.  And they've now opened up an Official Harry Potter Shop close by. 

I also took some quick shots of the newly renovated Kings Cross Train Station.  It's a beautiful space with the soaring curved ceiling, the old brick facade and so much light.  

The reason I was at Kings Cross was a visit to the British Library to explore and get my Readers Card.  The British Library is an impressive place.  

Is this not the most fantastic thing you've seen?  It's a huge multistory window filled with lovely, gorgeous books.   Pop over to this British Library Facts and Figures link real quick to read some basic facts.  I'll wait... 

Pretty impressive, isn't it?  And now that I'm all official, I can head to one of their Reading Rooms and request some ancient manuscripts to be called up from their vaults for my perusal.  Maybe I'll come across Ashmole 782.  (Please let me know if you get that reference.  Great book!)

The library also has exhibitions throughout the year.  I have this one on my calendar. 

This is a statue outside the library by Eduardo Paolozzi called Newton.  (It was inspired by a William Blake painting of the same name that you can see at the Tate Modern.)  

Speaking of books, I passed this somewhere on my travels last week.  Unfortunately, I can't remember where.  According to Google it was over by the Strand, which makes perfect sense, as I was over that way three times in the past week or so.

Once to see One Man, Two Guvnors which was hysterical and a lot of fun.  I was laughing so hard that I was doing my weird, squeaky laugh.  (I apologize if you were in the audience.)  Another time we were over that way was to see Love Is All You Need which was very sweet.  The lead actress is a delight and Pierce is hot.
What's not to like?

My third trip to the West End was to see The Book of Mormon.  Matt had tickets on his Christmas list and being the fabulous wife that I am, I purchased them.  I knew it would be irreverent and cringeworthy, but I had no idea.  I absolutely HATED IT!  It was awful.  I didn't see anything clever, funny, intelligent or groundbreaking.  I realize that makes me one of the minority, very unhip and and probably old (Get off the lawn!!), but oh well.  If you are going to waste your money go see it, then I would just advise you to do some Googling, so you know what you are getting yourself into.  (And while your at it Google "what's funny about female genital mutilation?")

Wow, I so didn't expect this to end on such a low note. 
(Which is what I felt like after that show.  I told Matt I needed to go pet a puppy.)
I'll throw in this oldie-but-goodie photo just to lighten the mood a bit.

My pup Sugar, who is now happily living on a farm in Texas with her buddy Mister.  Isn't she adorable?

Have a wonderful weekend!!

I'd love to hear from you.


P.S.  Matt liked The Book of Mormon.  He found it a very well-construction production which was occasionally quite funny.  However, he said it wasn't quite as smart as he had hoped.



  1. I saw Love Is All You Need last weekend and loved it. There were moments of amazing stillness and beauty throughout and the cinematography was awesome.

    And I live just near Victoria Park in Finchley, once a part of Colby Farm where Charles Dickens wrote Martin Chuzzlewit. :-)

    Don't you just love London?

  2. Sugar's smile is darling and gets me every time. :)

  3. I agree :) You can't help but imitate that sweet underbite.


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