Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Spy Friday

I'm a day late for I Spy Friday.  My bad.
Not a lot to post, but I thought I'd just give a quick update.  
The week has flown by and I haven't taken many pictures at all. 

I did take my Driver Theory Test on Thursday and I passed!  Yay.  

Now for the hard part, I have to actually get behind the wheel and drive.
I'm pretty nervous about that.  But also determined.  

We also found a wonderful London restaurant that you have to visit.

It's The Folly over by Monument Tube Station.
It's the cutest place ever, very whimsical and charming.
Of course, the food was great!

The dessert shots were also quite a treat.  You should definitely try it out.

Last night we made a stop at Borough Wines for a few bottles of my new favorite.
Provence dry Rose.   I love it. 

This sign was over the door.  
It gave me a giggle.  Any of them ring a bell for you?

We spent today at Bluewater which is a massive mall
where any American teenage girl would feel at home.

Somehow we came home with two pairs of shoes, two pairs of trousers,
two boxes of cologne and a hat.  But NOTHING for me!!  wth?

TE is in love with his new hat.

 At least it will keep his head warm next weekend.  

Because we planned a quick getaway!!  I'm soooo excited!!!
Here's a hint from our ghost walk last week.

I'm charging the camera batteries right now.

I hope you all have a terrific weekend!!


Not a sponsored post.


  1. Congrats! Best of luck on your driving test.

    The Restaurant looks delicious too.Nice to get out~Cheers Kim

  2. Congratulations on passing your theory test.
    I've never been to Bluewater, I tend to go to one of the Westfields.
    That resteraunt looks lush, I may have to pay it a visit.

  3. Congrats on the theory test. The UK one is much harder than the PA one, I know that much. Good luck with the actual driving :)

  4. Wait... There's a Drivers Theory Test???
    Oh boy. I have so much to look forward to!
    That place looks divine! The food looks incredible and I love the sign... too funny! Never drink and text!
    Are you off to see Scotland? Yay! I love Scotland, the people are wonderful.. the culture... succulent!
    I did manage to get your peppermint bark! Would you believe it was in the Bakery section? I went with my mom and we almost gave up and she went to get bread and found it! I thought it would be with the Christmas stuff!!
    Have a great week!!

  5. Good luck on your driving test and congrats on passing the theory part!! I'm in the process of getting my provisional so I can learn how to drive over here... yikes!

  6. The Folly looks wonderful... and congrats on part 1 of your driving test. It's harder now, I know, than when I took it! If you can master parallel parking, you have my utmost respect ;)


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