Thursday, November 22, 2012

Edinburgh - St. Giles Cathedral

One evening we were heading down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.  It was dark and a little misty.
We were trying to decide where to have dinner.  TE noticed that the St. Giles Cathedral was open.

I had taken several pictures of it, but it wasn't really on my tourist radar. 
He suggested that we take a look.
As much in an effort to get out of the wet as anything, we stepped inside. 

As we stepped in to the darkened cathedral, we heard the most glorious singing.
The choir was practicing.

My step quickened and my breath held.  I was suddenly completely alone.
I found a seat deep inside the cathedral and sat down.

Every church should have such glorious acoustics. 

I closed my eyes and listened as tears slipped from my eyes.
I won't discuss religion on this forum, but it was a beautifully, spiritual moment for me.

I was deeply moved.  I felt melancholy, but somehow also cleansed and renewed.

It was a chance to take a deep breath and let go of the stress of the past year.
To prepare for the next phase of this journey.
To appreciate the blessings that I've experienced. 

It was also a safe place to acknowledge and truly feel the pain.
The pain of being so far away from my daughter, my family, my friends. 

Today is Thanksgiving.  Today my family will all be gathered at my brother's home.
There will be lots of good food, silliness and laughter.
Maybe even some Wii dancing.
And sarcasm.  No one does sarcasm like my family. 
And lots of love.  Dysfunctional, yes.  But absolute love.  

I wish with all of my being that we could be there with you.

Funny how sometimes your heart can physically ache for someone
at the very same time that it is swelling with love for them.

I hope you know that when I am quiet and still,
you are my heartbeat.   I love you with every breath.

And today and every day, I am thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!
I will see you soon.



  1. So you did see St. Giles! It moved me too. Gorgeous photos!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! This is a lovely post! The photos are beautiful and you move me with your thoughts of home and family.Take care. Sarah x

  3. Oh, what a lovely moment! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, and I hope you were at least able to Skype-in for the festivities!!

  4. Selena I'm so sorry you missed thanksgiving... but this was an amazingly beautiful post... when are you going back to the States?


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