Friday, November 30, 2012

I Spy Friday Christmas!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we are finally allowed to discuss Christmas.
(I will post about our amazing Thanksgiving Supper Club soon.) 

The Brits don't have a distinctive starting signal for Christmas like we do.  
They just kind of start sliding into it around mid-November.  

Like a good 'merican, I ignored all things Christmas until after Turkey Day. 
But now, let the games begin!

We are chugging our way to Belgium and Germany
for my first experience with the Christmas Markets!
I'm so excited!!

Gluhwein and sausage and beer, oh my!
Have a lovely weekend!!

Here are some pics from the famous Liberty department store from about 6 weeks ago.

 My first London Christmas is ahead of me. 

What should be on my list of perfect London Christmas experiences?



  1. Yayyyy Christmas!! I've been told Christmas starts here when the Coca-Cola "Holidays are comin'" advert starts playing. I haven't seen it on TV yet though!! Sad...
    (LOVE the pic of the feathery owl btw!!!)

  2. Harrod's is awesome at Christmas (and their stuff comes out in July or August!). There is a Christmas market at Southbank every year -

  3. have a great time! try to go ice-skating at Somerset House - its beautiful!

  4. Panto! Panto! Panto!
    (Can you tell what was my favorite part of Christmas season??)
    Also try to go to a smaller town/village- London is just magical at Christmas, but the smaller areas do it up right as well!

    As someone who was indifferent to Christmas for most of my life, Britain (and Europe!) really does it right. I miss it there even more now!

    1. It's implied here that I will be living vicariously through you, you know ;)

  5. How exciting for you...I have heard that the York and Bath markets are also to die for! Oh to be in the UK at Christmas time!

  6. Oh I can't wait to hear all about the Christmas villages in Germany! They seem so magical! Plus with your eye for a great picture, it'll be a great story to tell! :)

  7. As mentioned above, you must try a pantomime, even better if you can take some kids with you.

  8. As mentioned above, you must try a pantomime, even better if you can take some kids with you.

  9. I do love me some Christmas! Gorgeous photos Selena!

  10. Oh, Christmas markets in Europe are just wonderful - do try the warm caramelised nuts. And I think a few British towns have a Christmas market now also.
    Is there anywhere near you offering outdoor ice skating? Somerset House in London or Hampton Court Palace would both be memorable spots to try this.
    And, did I dream it, or were you yearning for peppermint bark? I was in England last month and spotted it in Marks & Spencer. Worth a try!?

  11. Love this shop. I was suppose to pop in last weekend for a new bauble for the tree, but mom and I had had enough of the hustle and bustle of the west end and the cold was biting so we decided to head on home for dinner booo hoo wish now I'd have popped in !

    Love Chrissi xo


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