Friday, October 26, 2012

I Spy Friday Autumn Edition

Autumn is in full swing.  I still call it Fall, but you know what I mean.
We haven't had to crank on the heat just yet, but today is pretty cold. 
I'm chillaxin' under my wooby. 
(I can't believe I just typed that.  I need to get a job.)

The biggest adjustment is how short the daylight hours are getting.
It's dark until almost 8 am and dark again before 6pm.
We're seeing less sunshine and more grey skies.
It definitely makes you want to hibernate.

We are trying to stay busy.  TE knows how bored I am at home all day,
so we are keeping the calendar full.  Unfortunately, TE has been sick all week. 

Monday, as you know, is Ironing Day. ::insert eye roll here::

The only good thing about it is that I use the time to get caught up on my American TV shows.
Glee, Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, etc.
A few months ago, I was contacted by UnoTelly and they were nice enough
to give me a subscription to their proxy service.
Now I can use my Netflix, Hulu and Pandora accounts.
I can access all of US websites that were blocked once we moved to the UK.
Makes me very happy! 
They have an 8-day free trial, if you are interested.

Monday I went to see
comedian Sarah Millican.  
It was just a small venue and she was
trying out
material for her new series and Christmas Special.  
She is hysterical! 
One of my new UK favorite things.
You can check her out on 
YouTube here and here and here.

 Last night, I went to the
Hammersmith Apollo to 
see another of my new favorites,
Irish comedian Dara O'Briain.
You can see him here and here and here.

(Fair warning, they can be a bit naughty... 
don't follow the links
if you're easily offended.)

I was getting so excited about "the holidays" coming up, but then I
realized they don't really do Halloween here and the Brits certainly don't do Thanksgiving.
That would be silly.  So that just leaves Christmas.

 I managed to get a pumpkin at the market and we're planning a
London Ghost Tour next week for Halloween.  So excited!
We also have fun plans for Thanksgiving.
So, we will be celebrating the full range of holidays over the next few months.

I've also been working on the cutest cross stitch project lately.

Isn't it pretty?  I love the colors and the large canvas makes it easy to do.
They have some really cute stuff.

Oh, and I saw this yesterday while we were out.

Short and sweet.  I like it.

Art class, drivers license and job search are all ongoing.
Hopefully, I'll have some updates soon.

Tonight we have a wine tasting and tomorrow we're going to a wedding.
Perfect excuse for a new dress!

I hope you each have a great weekend.
Thanks for stopping by for I Spy Friday!

What did you spy this week?


This is not a sponsored post, but UnoTelly was nice enough to give me a subscription to their service to try out.  I paid full price for the cross stitch kit and the tickets for the shows.  All opinions are just mine. 


  1. ugh it gets so dark so early!! I already knew that having spent the past 3 Christmases here but it still always surprises me!
    I am so very curious to see how Halloween plays out here.... I'm not a big fan of Halloween anyway but I'm still kind of sad that it's not very big here.
    And isn't Dara O'Briain from Mock the Week?? I absolutely love that show!

  2. You are hilarious! If you don't mind I need to borrow that photo of the London bus, LOVE it! Some people are just on such a high horse these days about gay people, like being gay is a new thing! Also... I'm coming over soon, if you need anything from the States do let me know and I'll bring it over, I'm getting ready to call the boyfriend in London and we are going to make a final decision on if I'm coming over in November or December... we celebrate the holidays together but with work, school and kids... well ... need I say more? But let me know, I'm serious, I don't mind. My partner lives in East London, so we could meet at Tower Bridge or something :)

  3. Oh Selena - I love your posts! I was explaining to my husband how over there you were explaining Autumn vs Fall. Too funny! Anyway, hope you have a blast at the wedding this weekend! :)

  4. Oh hun isn't it just so cold today and that wind booo ... although I do like the fact that I get to wear my sweet wooly hat again :)

    Love Chrissi xo

  5. I can't remember... is this your first winter in England? In which case, yes, it is a little tough. (One of the things I appreciate most about California are lighter, brighter winter days.)
    Halloween certainly isn't as big as in the States, but it's starting to creep in, I think. Maybe you should throw a party and start a tradition? :)
    As for Thanksgiving, I'm convinced you can fine a way to celebrate. The pumpkin pie might be just a little challenging though.
    So sorry you are bored. Hope the job hunting becomes fruitful.

  6. Having a VPN made it so much easier to not have regular tv service!!
    You know, one of my biggest disappointments here is that it gets dark at 6:30. What the crap?? I thought I left early evenings in England! That's my biggest frustration there, and it seems my fond memories of longer winter days are just false. And we're still pre-daylight savings.
    Your cross-stitch looks great!! Can't wait to see it finished and hung. Have a great weekend!


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