Sunday, October 14, 2012

Green indeed is the colour of lovers...

Anne Hathaway was the 26 year old daughter of a well-off farmer in Warwickshire.  
She was wooed by a much younger man from the local village.  He was only 18.

As you can imagine, young William Shakespeare had quite a way with words. 
William and Anne were married in 1582 and six months later their first daughter was born.
Apparently, young William wasn't just all talk.  

The second house we visited was Anne Hathaway's Cottage, just a mile from Stratford.
This is Anne's family home where she was wooed by the young poet.

The 12 room thatched cottage was owned by the Hathaway family into the 1800's.
When they did sell, they remained tenants until it became a part of the
Shakespeare Birthplace Trust late in the 19th Century .

The cottage includes some original furnishings, including an old wooden bench
where rumor has it some of this courting actually took place.

The property also includes a beautiful willow sculpture trail, a garden and an orchard. 
This is where we visited the Lavender Maze from my Friday post.  


The grounds are gorgeous and alive...
and green!

It's that all-consuming green that this island does so well.
You see it, smell it, hear it and feel it.
It envelopes you in a green, cozy warmth and whispers to you. 

I can't get enough of it!!!

This is one of the adorable scarecrows we found in the orchard.

I also have a few more macros that I'll post tomorrow.  

 It was such an amazing place... full of history and words and nature. 
Three of my very favorite things.

Not to mention, the romance of a young love.

Is there a place that whispers to you?


PS.  The title of this post is from Love's Labour's Lost I, ii by William Shakespeare.


  1. Your posts are so delightful, they make me smile, laugh and dream of England ... I didn't even know whom Anne was before I read this piece. I received a history lesson today as well!!

  2. What fun! One of our favorite Shakespeare houses to visit -- great photos.


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