Friday, October 19, 2012

I Spy Friday

So, I'm just going to share some random stuff with you today, a little update on life and some iPhone pictures. 

When we left Blenheim Palace we stopped at a pub for lunch and on the way out I took this pic with my iPhone.
Those are real flowers and I didn't tweak or edit at all.  Such vibrant colors.  Pretty, huh?

Last weekend we went to see We Will Rock You, the Queen Musical.
The music was obviously terrific.  The show was pretty good, too.  A little long, but good.

On the way we happened by The Sorting Office on New Oxford Street and saw some street art done by Mr. Brainwash.  He is an LA street artist made famous by the Banksy documentary.  I took a few quick pics, but the Exhibition has reopened and I'm dying to go back and explore some more.  If any of you Londoners want to join me, let me know.  

We also had a good dinner at Cabana which is a Brasilian Barbecue.
The cocktails were terrific!
And they have frozen yogurt.  Not sure how Brasilian that is but hey, it's nummy.
And I love the citrus colored kites.  

Since TE is going off to work everyday, my days are pretty boring and all blurring together.
I've been lucky enough to get out a few times to play Ladies Who Lunch with some fellow expat bloggers.  

Texpatriate and I had lunch at La Fromagerie which a a gorgeous Cheese Shop in Marylebone.  I would highly recommend it! And Becky from As a Yank in Yorkshire came over to my neck of the woods the other day for lunch at More Bar & Brasserie and a stroll to Borough Market.  We found these umbrellas.  
Aren't they pretty?  Even prettier on a sunny day.

Making new friends is certainly helping London feel more like home.  

The job search is progressing along... slowly.  It is difficult.
I love accounting.
No, really.  I love it!  I'm dying to get back to work.
I plan to write a post on the whole process soon.
Hopefully, when I've gotten a little further along.

I'm also working on getting my UK Driver's License which is a whole other process.
I'll be writing about that soon also.

In the mean time, to keep busy I've signed up for an Introduction to Painting at the Art Academy.
It's fun and frustrating at the same time.  It's completely new to me and I'm so not good at it. 

But it's fun to put on my Converse Sneakers and some funky earrings, hop on the bus for a few stops, climb three flights of stairs in a crickety, old London building to a messy art room with massive windows, 
listen to some classical music and get my hands dirty. 
I feel very young and very Londony.  


Now please realize that this is my very first attempt.
It's a bit wonky but at least you can tell what it is.

So, there's my last few weeks and and an update on life.
I'm also excited that the blog is seeming to take on a life of its own.
Lots of wonderful, new followers and some terrific comments. 

A special thank you to each of you who read and follow along.
Thanks so much for all of your encouragement and sweet words.
It means the world to me to have these connections.

Have a terrific weekend!!


PS.  Can someone who knows there their Comma rules please help me.  I feel like I probably should have used about 20 more then than I did in this post.


  1. UK drivers license!! That's my next adventure... first I need to learn how to drive a manual car........ oh dear.

  2. I'm interested in the UK drivers license as well. When I lived in England I was sent with my ex husband and we were military so my license was sort of automatically handed to me, I have heard that a road test in England is dreadful and I can barely parallel park to start with so I'm super nervous! Blog about it soon Selena!! Inquiring minds need to know!! :)

  3. I took the theory test, but have kind of stalled on the driving test. I am in no hurry to take a driving test after almost 30 years on the road (although this makes me "illegal" here for now.)

    Have you thought of making I Spy Friday a linky party? Might be fun, kind of like "InstaFriday" on Life Rearranged.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. I'm no art critic, but I adore the umbrella photo.
    Hah, I wouldn't want to take a UK driving test again. I'm so old that I don't think parallel parking was even part of the test back in 1990! Although I was petrified of taking the US test, I think it is easier here.

  5. Good luck with your new endeavors--especially the driving test! Wow!

  6. Hello again (hang on, just donning my art teacher hat) ... I love that you're giving painting a go even though you don't feel that confident about it. And there's a trick I can share ... think of what you are doing not as painting, say, a jug, but as gathering some marks together until they look like a jug. Tear a page out of a magazine and tear it into tiny scraps. Now arrange them into a jug shape. Not as if you were making a mosaic, just shovel the heap about until it's jug shaped. The paper pieces will be overlapping everywhere, pointing in different directions. That's how the strokes of paint should be made. Now imagine if you'd reserved the palest and darkest pieces of paper and just dumped them on the top within that outline in the places where there were highlights and shadows. When you're painting with opaque colours that is all you're doing really. And if you're not happy with your first 'layer' just drop a few more pieces of paper in place/make a few more brush strokes. Think of it like that and it's never quite so scary :)

    Good luck sorting the driving license out - nightmare! - and with the job hunting :)


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