Friday, May 11, 2012

I Spy Friday featuring Folkestone

I haven't posted all week and I feel so guilty.  Lazy blogger!  

But you know how sometimes you just want to retreat into a good book and disconnect from the world for awhile?  That's been me this week.  I haven't even picked up the camera.  But, today the sun is shining, we've had some good news and it's time for I Spy Friday!

Folkestone has again been home for the past month.  A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have a visit from some new friends I met through the blogging world.   Melizza from Pincushion Treats makes THE cutest clothes.  Mandy from Emm in London has been so sweet in welcoming me to my new life as an expat.  They both, along with their husbands made the trek down from London.  

I was so excited and dying to show them Folkestone.  But, the weather was NOT cooperating at all.  Shocker.   

 The skies were grey and the view of France across the channel was elusive.  The wind was cold, sharp and relentless.  They were such troopers as we dragged them through the elements.  

We visited the Battle of Britain War Monument and rode the old Victorian Leas Lift.  We viewed the white cliffs of Dover and explored along the coast to see the Martello Towers and the WWII bunkers.  And then we ducked into a Tea Room to get warm.  We ended down at the harbor for fish & chips.  The company was warm, even if the weather was cold.  It was a great day in spite of the English weather.  

I took a few pics that day, but instead I'll share the Folkestone that I so wanted to show them.  These photos were taken last summer during my first trip to England.  

Folkestone is a quaint little town in Kent on the Southern Coast of England.  Matt's childhood home is right on the cliffs and we are spoiled with the most gorgeous view of the channel, complete with France in the distance on a clear day.  It's perfect for a day trip from London (on a clear warm day, anyway).

The word for the week is "home", it seems.  

We've had an initial offer on the house in Texas.  It feels good to be moving forward and getting it sold.  But, I'm a little sad.  It was a great home where we spent our first year of marriage together.  There are so many good memories with family and friends in that house... holidays and pool parties.   I hold those memories especially dear since we've moved away. 

And we've found a new home in London.  Well, for a short while anyway.  It's another temporary lease that will take us through July.  It's the cutest little place in Kensington.  We move in next week.  It will feel good to get back to London.  And we're looking forward warmer weather and fun Summer activities.  

One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah at The Salad Days posted this post and haiku about "Home" today and what it means to her.   That needs to be embroidered onto a pillow, don't you think?



  1. Folkestone is so beautiful in the sunshine! But it was quiet lovely even in the rain.

    What a lovely haiku! It should definitely get embroidered on a pillow. It rings a lot of truth.

    My husband works in Kensington. Such a pretty neighborhood. You're going to love it. We can meet at the V&A for lunch some time.

  2. Lovely photos, it's nice to see some of 'home' being so far away. I lived in Kent but a way away from Folkestone, I had family down there though.


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